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American Democracy in Context Vantage Shipped Access Card

American Democracy in Context Vantage Shipped Access Card

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January 2020 | CQ Press

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American Democracy in Context–Vantage Shipped Access Card gives you access to a learning and reading platform that makes it easier to understand your course material so you can get a better grade. It blends short, interactive multimedia activities with examples and presents them in easy-to-read sections of content from American Democracy in Context by John Anthony Maltese, Joseph A. Pika, and W. Phillips Shively. The short quizzes with guided feedback let you know where to focus your precious study time. 

Key Features:

  • Affordable value: access to quality learning tools at a wallet-friendly price.
  • Convenient eReader: With the eReader, you can learn and study when and where you prefer, with content from the textbook presented in easy-to-read sections.
  • Chapter tests: end-of-chapter tests reinforce important themes and make it easy to track your progress.
  • Instant feedback: immediate feedback on every question indicates if your answer is correct or incorrect, along with why, and makes it easier to learn and prepare for class. 
  • Grade access: grades flow automatically to the student dashboard when you complete your assignments, so you know exactly where you stand in your course and where you might improve.  

About American Democracy in Context
American Democracy in Context provides a combined comparative and historical approach to inspire students to better understand, care, and become active citizens.




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  • Editable, chapter-specific PowerPoint® slides that offer flexibility when creating multimedia lectures so you don’t have to start from scratch but you can customize to your exact needs
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  • 3-step course setup is so fast you can complete it in minutes!
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  • Quality content authored by the experts you trust.
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  • LMS integration provides single sign-on with streamlined grading capabilities and course management tools.
  • Auto-graded assignments include:
    • formative knowledge checks for each major section of the text that quickly reinforce what students have read and ensure they stay on track; 
    • dynamic, hands-on multimedia activities that tie real world examples and motivate students to read, prepare for class;
    • summative chapter tests that reinforce important themes; and
    • helpful hints and feedback (provided with all assignments) that offer context and explain why an answer is correct or incorrect, allowing students to study more effectively.
  • Compelling polling questions bring concepts to life and drive meaningful comprehension and classroom discussion.
  • Short-answer questions provide application and reflection opportunities connected to key concepts.
  • Instructor reports track student activity and provide analytics so you can adapt instruction as needed.
  • A student dashboard offers easy access to grades, so students know exactly where they stand in your course and where they might improve.
  • Honest value gives students access to quality content and learning tools at a price they will appreciate. 
Key Features of American Democracy in Context
  • Assignable SAGE Premium Video (available on the SAGE vantage platform) is curated and produced exclusively for this text to bring concepts to life and appeal to diverse learners, featuring animated concept videos, as well as licensed AP news clips.

  • Perspective chapter-opening vignettes set the stage for the rest of the chapter discussion, as well as help students see political connections, by comparing a historical moment, current event, or policy in the United States to that of another country. 

  • Picture Yourself exercises help students to fully understand and appreciate different aspects of American government by encouraging them to consider what it would be like to experience some aspect of the political system of another country or of the U.S. at another period of time or from a particular vantage point.

  • Consequences for Democracy sections provide thought-provoking summaries for each chapter to help students understand the distinctive features of American politics as well as the common features of democracy.

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