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An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies

An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies

Second Edition

December 2012 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This revised, updated, and extended Second Edition of An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies provides a broad and integrative introduction to the conduct and interpretation of scientific research in geography. It explains both, the conceptual and the technical aspects of research, as well as all phases of the research process. The text continues to be inclusive: combining approaches in physical geography, human geography, and techniques (such as GIS, cartography, and remote sensing). As in the previous edition, the authors use a framework - of a natural and social scientific approach - common to all subjects in geography.

In this edition new material is included on "Computational Modeling", as well as more information about GPS and map projections, as well as an expanded chapter on Scientific Communication to present more guidance on writing a literature review. Each chapter has a short case study of actual research projects in order to demonstrate the breadth of approaches taken in scientific research in geography. Fully updated, including references and further readings, the text includes links to relevant web sites.

Introduction: A Scientific Approach to Geography and Environmental Studies
Fundamental Research Concepts
Scientific Communication
Data Collection in Geography and Environmental Studies: Overview
Physical Measurements
Behavioural Oservations and Archives
Explicit Reports: Surveys, Interviews and Tests
Experimental and Non-Experimental Research Designs
Statistical Data Analysis
Data Display: Tables, Graphs, Maps, Visualizations
Reliability and Validity
Information Technologies in Research
Ethics in Scientific Research

An excellent introductory text which clearly defines the basic as well as the more advanced stages of geographical and environmental science research .

Dr Elias Symeonakis
Dept Environ'l & Geographical Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University
March 25, 2013

This book is very good for first yearundergraduates and not just those following geography programmes. It is very encompassing, and I will find this quality very helpful in classes with mixed disciplines. Its content is very student friendly, practical and not hypened in technicalities.

Mr Ritienne Gauci
Department of Geography, University of Malta
March 15, 2013

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