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Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology

Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology

Third Edition
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May 2021 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book will guide your students through five different qualitative approaches – thematic analysis, interpretative phenomenological analysis, grounded theory, narrative analysis and discourse analysis. Applying them all to a common data set, this book gives a step-by-step on each approach and helps students work out which is the right one for them.

Plus, with a whole new part on qualitative data collection – including chapters on interviewing, social media data and visual methodologies – this new edition is the ultimate resource for students engaged in qualitative psychological research or studying methods at any level. 

Section I: Qualitative Research in Psychology: The Foundations
Chapter 1: Doing Qualitative Research: Initial Questions
Chapter 2: Introduction to Qualitative Psychological Research
Chapter 3: Ethical Considerations in Qualitative Research
Section II: Approaches to Generating or Gathering Qualitative Data
Chapter 4: Interviews and Interviewing
Chapter 5: Social Media Data
Chapter 6: Visual Data
Section III: Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis
Chapter 7: Thematic Analysis
Chapter 8: Doing Thematic Analysis
Chapter 9: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Chapter 10: Doing Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Chapter 11: Grounded Theory
Chapter 12: Doing Grounded Theory
Chapter 13: Narrative Analysis
Chapter 14: Doing Narrative Analysis
Chapter 15: Discourse Analysis
Chapter 16: Doing Discourse Analysis
Chapter 17: Analysing Qualitative Data: Comparative Reflections
Appendix 1, Data Set: Preface
Appendix 2, Reporting Qualitative Research: Preface
Appendix 2, Report 1: Choice, Awareness, Complicity and Resistance in Younger Women’s Accounts of Body Hair Removal: A Reflective Account of a Thematic Analysis Study
Appendix 2, Report 2: Making Sense of Anger: A Reflective Account of an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Study
Appendix 2, Report 3: Critical Care Experiences and Bereavement among Families of Organ Donors: A Reflective Account of a Grounded Theory Study
Appendix 2, Report 4: The Effects of Surfing and the Natural Environment on the Well-being of Combat Veterans: A Reflective Account of a Narrative Analysis Study
Appendix 2, Report 5: Arguing about Racism in Discussion Forums about Gypsies: A Reflective Account of a Discourse Analysis Study