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Antisocial Behavior in Organizations

Antisocial Behavior in Organizations

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November 1996 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This intriguing new volume provides an understanding of the various forms of antisocial behavior in the workplace and how they can be identified and managed--if not prevented altogether. Antisocial Behavior in Organizations includes analysis of the role of frustration in antisocial behavior, and discusses issues such as employee revenge, aggression, lying, theft, and sabotage. Whistle blowing, litigation, and claiming are also explored as types of behavior that may be considered antisocial even though their stated goal is perhaps prosocial. The book concludes by making connections between antisocial behavior and organizational climate--addressing the need for modification in the workplace to reduce antisocial behavior. Academics, students, and practitioners in the fields of management, industrial/organizational psychology, sociology, social psychology, legal studies and criminal justice will appreciate this collection of original essays written by well-respected experts.

Paul E Spector
The Role of Frustration in Antisocial Behavior at Work
Robert J Bies, Thomas M Tripp and Roderick M Kramer
At the Breaking Point
Cognitive and Social Dynamics of Revenge in Organizations

Joel H Neuman and Robert A Baron
Aggression in the Workplace
Steven L Grover
Lying in Organizations
Theory, Research and Future Directions

Jerald Greenberg
The STEAL Motive
Managing the Social Determinants of Employee Theft

Robert A Giacalone, Catherine A Riordan and Paul Rosenfeld
Employee Sabotage
Toward a Practitioner-Scholar Understanding

Marcia P Miceli and Janet P Near
Whistle-Blowing as Antisocial Behavior
E Allan Lind
Litigation and Claiming in Organizations
Antisocial Behavior or Quest for Justice?

Michael W Boye and John W Jones
Organizational Culture and Employee Counterproductivity

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ISBN: 9780803972360