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Applications of Case Study Research

Applications of Case Study Research

Third Edition

June 2011 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Designed to help both graduate students and start-up researchers with their own case study research, this book presents 21 individual applications together with cross-referenced discussions of key methodological issues. Many of the applications—including a wide array of single-case studies useful as examples for solo researchers—have been shortened or re-written expressly for this book.

PART I: Starting Points
Chapter 1. A (Very) Brief Refresher on the Case Study Method
Chapter 2. Field Notes
Chapter 3. The Role of Theory in Doing Case Studies
PART II: Descriptive Case Studies
Chapter 4. Start-Up for a Newly-Appointed Education Leader
Chapter 5. Citizens on Patrol
Chapter 6. A Case Study of a Neighborhood Organization
PART III: Explanatory Case Studies
Chapter 7. A Nutshell Example: The Effect of a Federal Award on a University Computer Science Department
Chapter 8. Essential Ingredients of Explanatory Case Studies: Three Drug Prevention Examples
Chapter 9. Transforming a Business Firm Through Strategic Planning
Chapter 10. Rival Explanations
PART IV: Cross-Case Syntheses
Chapter 11. Proposal Processing by Public and Private Universities
Chapter 12. Case Studies of Transformed Firms
PART V: Case Study Evaluations
Chapter 13: Evaluation of a Community Coalition
Chapter 14. Sheriff’s Combined Auto Theft Task Force
Chapter 15. Technical Assistance for HIV/AIDS Community Planning

This text brings the theory of case study research to life by presenting real-life illustrations of research techniques in practice. Professionals and advanced students can learn a lot by modeling their own research strategies on these examples.

Mark Henderson
Mills College

A practical guide to complement Yin's seminal book on Case study research.

Mr Marcos Ferasso
Business Administration , Federal University of Parana
February 11, 2016

Simple and straight forward

Mr Philomena Cato
Media Studies, TA Marryshow Community College
February 15, 2014

This was not adopted. However it is a recommended book for individual students who are using a case study approach for their dissertation.

Dr Lynda Rogerson
Computer Science Dept, Colorado Technology University - Colorado Springs
November 9, 2013

Excellent supplementary text to Creswell's for a graduate-level research methods class.

Dr Dwight Vick
Mgmt Marketing Public Adm Div, Governors State University
August 7, 2013

I chose Yin's Case Study Research instead. The Applications text would be better suited to a course devoted solely to case study research.

Dr John Lee
Education , Fordham University
May 16, 2013

The book is too technical for my needs. It does not present enough from the qualitative research stance that I emphasize in my teaching. I was surprised by all the tables and by the dense prose. Not at all what I expected.

Professor Barbara Henderson
Elementary Education Dept, San Francisco State University
October 1, 2011
Key features

New to the Third Edition:

Provides six new chapters (Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and 13), including a new introductory chapter on the case study method.
Covers a wider range of topics, such as education, the community, law enforcement, the corporate sector, and health.
Includes a new feature called Inside Story, each representing a methodologically challenging situation encountered by the author in his own research.
Links a Classroom Exercise to each Inside Story for readers to practice or preview the methodologically challenging situation before embarking on their actual case study.
Expands coverage of two underrepresented topics: Rival Explanations (Chapter 10) and Case Study Evaluations (Part V, Chapters 13, 14, and 15).

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