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Applied Conversation Analysis

Applied Conversation Analysis
Social Interaction in Institutional Settings

May 2018 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Focusing on applied conversation analysis (CA), this timely book offers practical insights and guidelines for CA scholars studying social interactions in institutional settings. Written in an accessible style and packed with case studies, examples, activities, and practical tips, the book takes readers through the entire process of planning and carrying out an applied CA research study. By highlighting challenges, debates, and important questions, each chapter provides the theoretical foundation necessary for making informed decisions at every stage of a research project. The book is divided into three sections (context and planning, doing a project using conversation analysis, and disseminating your research) to mirror the research process.

Chapter One: Introducing Conversation Analysis
Chapter Two: Examining the Basic Principles of Conversation Analysis
Chapter Three: Planning Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Four: Engaging With the Ethics of Doing Research in Institutional Settings
Chapter Five: Planning and Preparing for Data Collection in Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Six: Completing Transcription in Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Seven: Analyzing Data in Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Eight: Using Digital Tools to Support Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Nine: Establishing Quality in Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Ten: Doing Applied Conversation Analysis Research in an Evidence-Based World
Chapter Eleven: Disseminating Applied Conversation Analysis Research
Chapter Twelve: Considering Empirical Examples of Applied Conversation Analysis Research and Future Directions

Applied Conversation Analysis: Social Interaction in Institutional Settings is an accessible, informative, and thoughtful read that I imagine students of many backgrounds in CA and qualitative methods will find useful as they develop their research acumen.”

Kate Anderson
Arizona State University

“This is an invaluable introduction to doing an applied Conversation Analysis project. It takes novice researchers through the key principles and methods of the approach in an engaging and sense-making way.” 

Michelle Lefevre
University of Sussex
Key features


  • Example data extracts highlight and illuminate all key points to help students master the material.
  • Interview Boxes feature interviews with expert CA scholars provide insightful information on key chapter topics. 
  • Recommended Readings that direct readers to additional information allow students to explore topics in more depth.
  • Definition Boxes that define key terms and Notable Points that recap critical ideas are ideal for study and review.

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ISBN: 9781506351261