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Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology
Research, Training and Practice

Second Edition

February 2013 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In this thoroughly revised new edition, with eleven new chapters and substantial updates to all others, Rowan Bayne and Gordon Jinks expertly combine the professional and academic aspects of applied psychology. The contributing authors, all experts in their field, provide authoritative and engaging overviews of their areas of expertise and an important range of perspectives.

The book is organized into three parts. The first part is a general context for applied psychology including a discussion of questions about evidence based practice. The second part discusses practice and training in a plethora of areas of applied psychology, including all of the traditional routes (for e.g. clinical, health and educational psychology) eight 'relative newcomers' to the field (for e.g. sport and forensic) and four areas not always regarded as applied psychology: counseling, coaching, careers guidance and lecturing. The latter group are examples of disciplines which are intrinsically psychological but do not require a psychology degree for a career in them, such as nursing, occupational therapy, social work, HR and management. The innovative third part is a roundtable of expert practitioners commenting on the new directions they would like to see in their areas of applied psychology.

Applied Psychology: Research, Practice and New Directions, Second Edition will be essential for all students considering a career in an applied field, either those studying applied psychology at the undergraduate or graduate level.

John Radford
Applying Psychology
Brian R Clifford
Research: The Ubiquitous Handmaiden of Professionalism
David Harper, Kenneth Gannon and Mary Robinson
Beyond Evidence-Based Practice: Rethinking the Relationship between Research, Theory and Practice
Maria Castro, Christopher Whiteley and Mary Boyle
Clinical Psychology
Mark Fox
Educational and Child Psychology
Carla Gibbes, Mark Holloway and Donald Ridley
Occupational Psychology
Paula Nicolson
Health Psychology
Chris Hackley
Marketing Psychology
Brian R. Clifford
Forensic Psychology
Ashok Jansari
Clinical Neuropsychology
James Beale and Marcia Wilson
Sport Psychology
Jill Mytton
Counselling Psychology
Kate Hefferon and Ilona Boniwell
Positive Psychology
Volker Thoma
Cognitive Psychology
Gordon Jinks
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Ho Law and Christian van Nieuwerburgh
Coaching and Coaching Psychology
Jenny Bimrose, Rachel Mulvey and Nelica La Gro
Careers Guidance and Psychology
John Radford
The Professional Academic
Edited By Rowan Bayne
New Directions in Applied Psychology: A Roundtable
Section One: Further Areas of Applied Psychology
Sarah Davidson
The Humanitarian and Third Sectors
Nicky Hayes
Green living
Carolyn Kagan
Community Psychology
James Hartley
Applying psychology to the layout of printed text
Rowan Bayne
Personality Theory
Section Two: Supplements to Areas Reviewed in the Main Chapters
Susan Llewelyn
Clinical Psychology
Irvine Gersch
Educational Psychology
Clive Fletcher
Occupational and Organisational Psychology
Chris Lewis
Occupational Psychology
Ray Bull
Investigative Interviewing
Ruth Mann
Forensic Psychology in the Prison and Probation Service
P. R. Penn And F. D. Rose
The Use of Virtual Reality-Based Environmental Enrichment for Patients Recovering from Brain Injury
Alex Linley
Section Three: General Perspectives
Richard Kwiatkowski
Psychological Ethics: The Good, the Defensive and the Utilitarian
Colin Feltham
Reflections on the Place and Usefulness of Psychology
Nicky Hayes
Psychology Today

'Bayne and Jinks have produced a tour de force of applied psychology in this book. This is an outstanding text and a must buy for undergraduates and masters students thinking about a career in psychology'
Professor Cary Cooper
Lancaster University

'This book is a major source of stimulating ideas and discussion at the highest level. It is the text for those who want to move beyond the basics of research into high quality professional quality research in all areas of psychology'
Dr. Dennis Howitt
Loughborough University

'The book is split into three parts, where parts 2 and 3 particularly stand out as being of practical use to the student wishing to make plans for a career or to understand what the various careers might entail. The authors should be applauded for writing coherent, engaging and readable accounts of areas of psychological specialism. I learned a lot about how other professionals train and about their professional focus, which was both refreshing and enlightening'

Simon Duff
University of Nottingham and Merseycare NHS Trust's Mersey Forensic Psychology Service

A lovely little book that students find easy to read and understand

Mrs Rebecca Clare Ovenden
Wiltshire College, Wiltshire College
October 7, 2022

good breath of subjects, however, the book is very text dense and a little 'dry', so adopting as recommended rather than core

Dr Rachel Newey
School of Psychology, Bangor University
August 25, 2022

Provides a good outline for students

Mrs Melanie West
Department of Psychology, Newman University
October 23, 2014

The book is a very convincing and challenging introduction to applied psychology, which I also use for students in sociology and education science. It can be highly relevant, if we offer courses which specifically address applied psychology. However, it also offers a good ground to start how we can get from science to action.

Professor Andreas Zick
Education , Univ. of Bielefeld
July 4, 2014

The organisation of the book into three parts makes it simple to utilise.
The general context for applied psychology which also discusses evidence based practice offers valuable discussion and information which is supportive of students own academic writing and the dissemination of information in part 2 provides the reader with overviews of the different areas of applied Psychology, this is beneficial not only in FE and HE but also to sixth form students deciding upon their future careers, and as such topics are covered in the curriculum it also lends itself to be supportive of this indirectly.
Part 3, whilst also interesting is less relevant to my particular students but there is sufficient information in the other 2 sections for me to recommend the book to students as additional reading, particularly those in their 2nd A'level year who are making decisions upon careers.

Mrs Kerry Noble
Education Department, Doncaster College
June 27, 2014

A useful resource for students providing insightful detail about the reality of practice in a range of applied fields.

Ms Karen Twiselton
Psychology, University of the Highlands and Islands
February 21, 2014

I recommended this book to my students and some of them bought it. The book gave my students an excellent understanding of what applied psychology is about, and how it can be used in practical terms in their own work situations. As my students have to enter quiet a bit of research the academic knowledge presented in the book helped them to navigate to other information and to personalise their own individual perspective of items such as Cognitive Psychology, reflective practice and on other psychological perspectives. Some of the questions presented for Reflection and Discussion prompted very good debate in class.

Mrs Deirdre Daly
Childcare , Limerick College of Further Education
November 11, 2013

This book explores the different aspects of psychology. It should enable students to have a better understanding of how to apply the concept of psychology in their particular field of practice.

Mr Swaleh Toofany
College of nursing, midwifery and healthcare, University of West London
October 23, 2013

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