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Campbell Killick University of Ulster, UK

Campbell Killick, PhD, is Lecturer in Social Work at Ulster University, Northern Ireland, where he teaches assessment and decision making on undergraduate (qualifying social work) courses and post-qualifying, post-graduate courses. He is Course Director for the MSc in Research Methods for social workers, service users, carers and others involved in social work services. Campbell’s research focuses on professional decision making particularly in relation to the abuse of children and adults. Campbell is Co-Founder and Deputy Convenor of the Decisions, Assessment and Risk Special Interest Group (DARSIG) of the European Social Work Research Association and Coordinator of Ulster University’s DARES initiative which supports research, teaching and organisation development for social work in relation to decision-making, assessment, risk and the use of evidence to inform practice and management of services. He is co-author of ‘Assessment, Risk and Decision Making in Social Work’ published by Sage.