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Eric P. Jensen Jensen Learning, San Diego, CA, Centre for Women's Research, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Eric Jensen is a former teacher who grew up in San Diego, California. With a Ph.D. in Human Development, he synthesizes brain research and develops practical applications for educators. He is listed among the top 30 Educators in the world at

Jensen has authored over 30 books including Different Brains, Different Learners, Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Teaching with Poverty in Mind, Tools for Engagement, Engaging students with Poverty in Mind, Turnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain, and Poor Students Rich Students. Dr. Jensen co-founded an academic enrichment program, held in 14 countries with over 70,000 graduates. Jensen is a msmber of the invitation-only Society for Neuroscience, the President’s Club at Salk Institute of Biological Studies. Dr. Jensen provides conference speaking and trainings that can be found at Or, contact: