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Ian Patrick Ian Patrick and Associates

Dr. Ian Patrick is an independent evaluation consultant and Director of Ian Patrick and Associates. Ian has a number of threads in his career which have supported his move into evaluation. Building on a background in teaching and radio and television production, Ian shifted his focus to international program management. He became aware of the challenges involved in evaluation of complex programs operating in the Asia-Pacific region while working for several Australian universities and managing contractors. Ian completed a PhD in Asian Studies in 1997, and commenced working in academic roles in international development for both the RMIT University and Deakin University, Australia. Ian is currently an Honorary Senior Fellow with the Development Studies Program at the University of Melbourne.

Ian commenced working as an independent consultant in 1998 with roles encompassing evaluation, program design, strategy development and organizational review. The focus of this work has progressively shifted to concentrate on the evaluation area and has also achieved a balance between Australian and international contexts. He has undertaken evaluation related assignments for a range of international agencies, Australian government departments and non-government organisations. He has interests in evaluation practice in both public sector and civil society contexts with sectoral experience crossing areas such as law and justice, health, education, rural and urban development, environment, human rights, disaster management, media and the arts, and migration and Indigenous issues.

Ian is a member of the Australasian Evaluation Society and the American Evaluation Association. In 2012, he received the Best Evaluation Policy and Systems Award from the Australasian Evaluation Society for a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework developed for the Mongolia Australia Scholarship Program.