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Jerel A. Rosati University of South Carolina

Jerel Rosati is Professor Emeritus of International Studies and Political Science at the University of South Carolina. His area of specialization is the theory and practice of foreign policy, focusing on the United States policymaking process. He has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Argentina and Colombia, and a Visiting Scholar in Argentina, Armenia, China, and Somalia (in 1984). He also has been a Research Associate in the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division (FAND) of the Library of Congress’s Congressional Research Service (CRS) in Washington DC., President of the International Studies Association’s (ISA) Foreign Policy Analysis Section, and President of the Southern region of ISA. He was the PI (Principal Investigator), Program Director, and Academic Director of a six-week U.S. Department of State Fulbright American Studies Institute on U.S. Foreign Policy for six years for 108 scholars-practitioners from over sixty countries. He is the author of over seventy articles and chapters, as well as five books. The recipient of numerous outstanding teaching awards, Dr. Rosati has been the Director and Reader of over fifty Ph.D. Dissertations over fifty Master’s Theses, and has mentored many more individuals in their academic and professional careers within the United States and throughout the world.