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Jorgen Sandberg University of Queensland, Australia

Jörgen Sandberg is Professor in Management and Organization in the UQ Business School, Australia, and Distinguished Research Environment Professor in Organization Studies at Warwick Business School, UK. He is Co-Lead of Practice and Process Studies, a multidisciplinary research group within UQ Business School. His main research interests include competence and learning in organizations; practice, process, sensemaking theory; theory development; philosophy of science; and research methodology. He has published extensively in top-tier journals, as well as several books including Skillful Performance: Enacting Capabilities, Knowledge, Competence and Expertise in Organizations (with Rouleau, Langley and Tsoukas, Oxford University Press, 2017), Constructing Research Questions: Doing Interesting Research (with Alvesson, SAGE, 2013), and Managing Understanding in Organizations (with Targama, SAGE, 2007). He also serves on the editorial boards for several preeminent journals, such as Academy of Management ReviewJournal of Organizational Behavior and Organization Studies.