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Halla, Kenneth

Kenneth P. Halla Fairfax County Public Schools

Ken Halla has been a high school teacher social studies teacher, department chair and advanced placement coordinator for the past twenty-two years. Halla initiated a pilot for e-books which led to all 7-12th graders using e-books in social studies in Fairfax County, VA. Additionally he has been an online teacher and chair for the past nine years and has a popular blog technology and pedagogy blog which receives 65,000 pageviews a month. Halla also has led many in-services and offers a regular class for teachers looking to integrate technology into the classroom. Halla has a Ph.D., is a National Board Certified Teacher and an adjunct college professor You can visit his tech and social studies blogs: US Government Teachers’ Blog, US History Teachers’ Blog, World History Teachers’ Blog or contact him at