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Leonid Litman Lander College, USA

Leib Litman received a PhD in experimental psychology from the City University of New York. His early research was in the area of implicit learning, focusing on the relationship between conscious and unconscious information processing. After receiving his PhD, he was a postdoctoral fellow and research scientist in cognitive neuroscience at New York University, where he studied episodic memory using fMRI. Leib’s current methodological research interests are in the area of online data collection, especially in the application of online data collection tools to complex research designs, such as dyadic studies, experience sampling, intensive longitudinal designs, qualitative video and focus group interviews, and global data collection.

Leib is currently an associate professor of psychology at Lander College in Queens, New York, and director of research at (formerly TurkPrime). Leib lives in Riverdale, New York, with his wife, Sarah, and their two girls, Bella and Rebecca.