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Warwick-Booth, Louise

Louise Warwick-Booth Professor of Informatics at Leeds Beckett University, UK

Dr. Louise Warwick-Booth is a sociologist with specific interests in health policy and social policy. She is located in the Centre for Health Promotion Research, which she has co-directed since 2013 alongside Dr. James Woodall. She joined the University in September 2005 and has taught on a wide range of modules, including sociology, health policy, research, community, and global policy and health care. She also manages a range of research projects and a team of six research staff.

Her research projects are diverse and include a commissioned evaluation of the Way Forward Programme, a project to develop resilience in vulnerable young women with unmet need, the evaluation of a Department of Health Eatwell and Livewell Project to tackle malnutrition among the elderly, and the project management of the Sunderland Health Champion Programme.

She has published several text-books such as Social Inequality (2013) and Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction (2012 with colleagues). She is also the author of the book Researching With Communities (2009) based on her PhD, as well as numerous journal articles