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Paula Brough Griffith University, Australia

Paula Brough is a Professor of Organisational Psychology in the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, and Leader of the Occupational Health Psychology Research Lab. Paula’s primary research and teaching areas are occupational stress and coping, employee mental health and wellbeing, work engagement, work-life balance, workplace conflict (bullying, harassment, toxic leadership), and the psychosocial work environment. Paula assesses how work environments can be improved via job redesign, supportive leadership practices, and enhanced equity to improve employee health, work commitment, and productivity. Paula works with a variety of organisations to reduce their employee’s experiences of stress and burnout, and to improve employee’s wellbeing, mental health and work-life balance. This work includes group and individual training to improve both long-term leadership skills and the follow-on wellbeing and performance of their workers. Paula has authored over 60 industry reports, over 120 journal articles and book chapters, and has produced 9 scholarly books based on her research. Paula is an Associate Editor of Work & Stress, and is Board member of Journal of Organizational Behaviour, International Journal of Stress Management, and the BPS Work-Life Balance Bulletin