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Vasudevan, Ramaa

Ramaa Vasudevan Colorado State University, USA

Ramaa Vasudevan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Colorado State University. She earlier held a vis­iting position at Barnard College, Columbia University. Before embarking on a PhD on Trade Finance and Uneven Development at the New School of Social Research, she also taught for many years at PGDAV College at Delhi University.

While her earlier research in India studied the transformation of labor markets in the colonial agrarian economy (a case study of two districts in Eastern UP), she is now focused on exploring the political economy of money and finance. She has written numer­ous articles in various journals including the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Review of Radical Political Economics, Monthly Review, and Economic and Political Weekly and has contributed chapters in Global Economic and Financial Crisis: Essays from Economic and Political Weekly and Globalization and Develop­ment: A Handbook of New Perspectives.