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Chaudhry, Ravi

Ravi Chaudhry Chairman, CeNext Consulting & Investment Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

Ravi Chaudhry is a Strategy Consultant to corporations, governments, civil society and think-tanks; mentor to CEOs and corporate boards; public intellectual; futurist; public speaker and a Fellow of the World Business Academy, a network of global thought leaders that represent some of the best and brightest men and women shaping today’s landscape. Recipient of the ‘Ambassador of Knowledge’ award by Life Learning Academia, Slovenia, he is often referred to as a leadership guru.

He is a much sought-after strategic advisor on Re-thinking Global Strategy and India’s Role. An astute observer of the emerging global complexities, trends and risks, he blends information, knowledge and wisdom to create innovative modules such as Re-inventing leadership to cope with future, and mindfulness – the trait that bridges the gap between achievement and potential. He is rated as one of the profoundest thinkers on business leadership, with an eclectic approach that combines sound economics with profound philosophy. He can bring light, perspective and prescription. He is not just thought-provoking, he is also action-provoking, and his insights are full of change triggers, for mindset and heartset.

He is the Founder Chairman of CeNext Consulting and Investment Pvt Ltd, a New Delhi-based strategy consulting firm. His clients include several Fortune 1000 corporations and small- and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) all over the world, numerous Indian business groups, and Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Uganda. He has also worked for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and World Bank and has served on the Boards of several companies and organizations. He continues to be International Board Director, Future 500 USA; Co-Chair, EthicMark Judges Panel USA; Member, EVIAN Brains Trust at International Institute of Management Development (IMD), Switzerland; New Civilization Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, Japan; and Executive Committee of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

Prior to that, he was the Chairman of four companies in the Tata Group, India. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences, global seminars and CEO gatherings in all continents, on a wide variety of issues relating to mindfulness and leadership, values and ethics, Board effectiveness, new trajectories of innovation, entrepreneurship, education, future of business, economics and society, democracy and capitalism, and agenda to create an equitable, sustainable world. He lives in New Delhi, India.