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Rohit Majumdar Independent Research Scholar in History and Anthropology; Lifetime member of the National Geographic Society

Rohit Majumdar is a man of many interests—a polymath, an author, a research fellow and an English language professional. Although an International Examiner of Theatres for the IGCSE Council, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, his prime interest lies in the history and research of English language and literature. He holds historical scholarship on European history, Renaissance, World Wars, Indian polity and Constitution and education in India. He received his postgraduate diploma in Renaissance linguistics and theatre studies from Royal Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, in 2000, and MPhil from Cambridge University. He is fellow of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and an ex-member of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Besides his academic engagements, Rohit Majumdar is a professional wildlife photographer, member of Royal Photographic Society and National Geographic Society, and the Gallery post winner of Canon INC. and was an education specialist and contributor for Education Times (of Hindustan Times).