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Timothy Alan Garrison Portland State University, USA

Tim Alan Garrison (Ph.D., History, University of Kentucky; J.D., University of Georgia) is a professor of history at Portland State University, where he teaches courses in American legal and constitutional history and Native American history. He is the author of The Legal Ideology of Removal: The Southern Judiciary and the Sovereignty of Native American Nations and several journal articles and book chapters on the history of the Indian Removal Crisis of the 1830s. He also edited the 2-volume Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law for CQ Press. His book, Before the Paper Chase: The Scholarship of Prelaw Preparation and Admissions, will be published in 2010 by Carolina Academic Press. Garrison offers a two-course series on the history of crime and punishment, and his interest in developing this new reference work comes from his own personal desire to have a document collection that he can use to supplement his lectures on the subject. Garrison practiced law for several years in Georgia.