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Vincent F. Sacco Queen's University, Canada

Vince Sacco is a professor in the department of sociology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. His research interests are in criminology and urban sociology. His interests relate to the study of criminology, as well as the study of public perceptions of and reactions to crime. In approaching criminology, his work emphasizes the study of "criminal events" and investigates why some people rather than others are more likely to be victimized by crime; when and where crimes occur; and why the police, lawmakers and members of the general public think about crime as they do. He has published several books including The Criminal Event 2/e Wadsworth, 2002, Advances in Criminological Theory (The Process & Structure of Crime: Criminal Events & Crime Analysis) Transaction Press, 2001, (with R.F. Meier and L.W. Kennedy), Crime Victims in Context, Roxbury Publishing, 1998, (with L.W. Kennedy).