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W. C. Benton, Jr. Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, USA

W. C. Benton, Jr. is the Edwin D. Dodd Professor of Management and Distinguished
Research Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Max M. Fisher
College of Business at the Ohio State University. Professor Benton teaches courses in supply
chain management to undergraduates, MBAs, and doctoral candidates. Dr. Benton received
his doctorate in both operations and systems management and quantitative business analysis
from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Ranked number one out of 753 operations management researchers in terms of quality and
quantity, Dr. Benton’s vast research and writing accomplishments include more than 180 articles
in the areas of health care performance issues, economics of cardiovascular surgery, purchasing
management, inventory control, supply chain management, quality assurance, and materials
management that have appeared in The Encyclopedia of Operations Research, The New England
Journal of Medicine, Annals of Thoracic Surgery, American College of Physician Executives, Decision
Sciences, Journal of Operations Management, Naval Research Logistics, IEE Transactions, European
Journal of Operational Research, Quality Progress, Naval Research Logistics, The Journal of Business
Logistics, The Journal of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Production and Operations
Management, Interfaces, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Production and Operations
Management, and Healthcare Management Science. Dr. Benton has published five textbooks and
has authored “Bargaining, Negotiations, and Personal Selling” for the Handbook of Economic
Psychology. He currently serves as a senior editor in two departments for the Production and
Operations Management Journal and serves on the editorial review board for the Journal of Operations
Management. He also serves as an associate editor for the Decision Sciences Journal, Journal
of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Business of Service Industries Journal,
and International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management; he is a special issue editor for
the European Journal of Operational Research. For the Engineer and Manufacturing and Service
Enterprise Systems Divisions at the National Science Foundation, he is a research panel member.
Professor Benton’s expert contribution to the business and governmental arena includes
consultancy for Grant Hospital, Ashland, IBM, RCA, Frigidaire, the Ohio Department
of Transportation, the Florida Department of Transportation, the Indiana Department of
Transportation, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, the Alabama Department
of Transportation, the Kentucky Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway
Administration, Battelle Institute, the United States Air Force, Gelzer Automated Assembly
Systems, Bitronics, the Ohio Bureau of Disability Determination, BioOhio, the Carter
Group Canada, and others.
He serves on the board of directors for the Healthcare Accreditation Colloquium, the
Sleep Medicine Foundation, Academic Council for Healthcare Research, the House of Hope,
and the Supply Chain Management Research Group. He is a member of the Decision Sciences
Institute, the Institute of Management Sciences, the Institute of Supply Management,
the Production and Inventory Control Society, the Operations Management Association,
American Society for Quality Control, Society of Logistics Engineers, the Mathematical
Association of America, and others.
Dr. Benton served with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, MCAS, El Toro, California, and
the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force West Pacific.