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A Student's Guide

January 2023 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Your critical, evidence-informed and scholarly examination of some of the key issues and debates surrounding Autism.

As a student you need to have a strong grounding in Autism, but also engage in the key debates that are happening now. This book will not only not only provide you with a robust foundation but will offer you strategies to use your critical thinking by outlining and engaging with crucial discussions.  Each chapter focuses upon an area related to Autism, including ethical and social arguments, transitions, international perspectives and strategies when working with autistic children, people and adults.

Key features include:

·         Case studies of individual and collective experiences of individuals who are living with Autism and those associated with them

·         Exercises that encourage you to engage with key debates and research

·         Pauses for reflection to help you assess your own understanding

·         Key research that will provide you with a better critical knowledge

Trevor Cotterill is Programme Leader of the BA (Hons) SEND at the University of Derby.

Researching Autism
Issues and Debates Surrounding Autism
The Importance, Experience and Challenges Associated with Diagnosis
Introducing and Evaluating Strategies When Working with Autistic Children, Young People, and Adults
The Role of Genetics and Neurobiology in the Aetiology of Autism
Psychological Theories of Autism
Educational Choice and Support
Pedagogical Approaches in Autism
International Perspectives on Autism
Media Perspectives

Policing attracts a particularly wide neurodiversity profile in its recruits, the job being so varied and not concentrating on any one particular set of skills. So this insight into how we work and how Autism can be identified but importantly learning how to be inclusive in our teaching and training is six useful for those teaching and training our new recruits.

Mr Donald Moyse
Command Training, Sussex Police
March 11, 2024

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