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DIY Capitalism and the Rise of the Auto-Industrial Society

February 2017 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

DIY check-outs, drones, self-driving cars, and e-government all are signs of the coming auto-industrial age. Will this end in mass unemployment or will new kinds of work emerge? Will 3D print production, desktop workshops and mass customization make up for lost blue-collar jobs? What will happen to health and education in the auto-industrial age? Will machines replace teachers and doctors? What might the economic and social future dominated by self-employment and a large DIY industry look like? Peter Murphy's lively, provocative book addresses these questions head-on.

Introduction: The rise of Auto-Industrialism
Chapter One: Work
Chapter Two: Industry
Chapter Three: Public Goods
Conclusion: The Age of DIY Capitalism

Sample Materials & Chapters

Murphy - Auto-industrialism - Chapter 1

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ISBN: 9781473998810

ISBN: 9781473961715

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