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Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner, Grades 6-12, Level 1: Classroom Pack

Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner, Grades 6-12, Level 1: Classroom Pack
20 Learner’s Notebooks + Teacher’s Guide

July 2018 | Corwin

Continue the Visible Learning Journey With Your Students

The power of Visible Learning is simple yet transforming: Help your students understand how to learn, and they can become their own teachers. 

These learner’s notebooks are the first of their kind to complete the circle of Visible Learning by helping students monitor their own progress. With an emphasis on developing and strengthening foundational metacognitive skills, the notebooks guide students to understand what they’re learning, why they’re learning it, and the strategies they need along the way.

Learners become more focused because they know where they are going in their learning and are able to choose the right tools to arrive at their destination. This classroom set of 20 learner’s notebooks comes with Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner’s Teacher’s Guide, Grades 6–12, Level 1 that walks you step-by-step through the process of using the Learner’s Notebook to help your students thrive as visible learners, revealing:

  • The core components of Visible Learning, and their impact on students’ development
  • The importance of using learning goals and success criteria 
  • How to engage students in understanding and preparing for their learning journey
  • How your students can use the notebook’s flexible templates, reflection prompts and progress-monitoring tools to match their individual needs

Designed for fast and easy implementation, and structured to support an entire school year’s worth of learning, the resources in this classroom set provide you with everything you need to bring Visible Learning success to every learner in your classroom.

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ISBN: 9781544331850