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Behavior Modification in the Human Services

Behavior Modification in the Human Services
A Systematic Introduction to Concepts and Applications

Third Edition

February 1993 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume features a unique characteristic: detailed and sequential organization that permits the reader to move progressively through material of increasing complexity. Also included are eight clinical case study examples that will instruct readers from a variety of academic disciplines. A new chapter on cognitive behavior modification introduces the reader to significant current influences in the field. Such topics as specification of behavior, positive and negative reinforcement, extinction, schedules of reinforcement, shaping and response differentiation, stimulus discrimination and generalization, chaining, modeling, punishment, and intervention planning are thoroughly delineated. Surpassing similar texts in its coverage, Behavior Modification in the Human Services also provides pretests, posttests, and the forms necessary to relevant data collection. "Sundel and Sundel (1993) do an excellent job of bridging the gap between theory and practice. . . even experienced social workers and theorists will find the book useful as a reference and reminder. . . [the authors] have written a text well suited for its target audience, i.e., relatively new students of behavior modification. The major concepts and jargon of the field are presented in a simple and easy to read manner. The appendices can be used to supplement discussion and even add rigor to an introductory course on behavior modification." --The International Journal of Organizational Analysis About the Previous Edition: "One of the book's best features is the awareness of ethical considerations reflected in many of the chapters. The authors deal with issues such as client consent to treatment, client participation in the selection of treatment goals, potential conflicts between parents and child therapists concerning the selection of target behaviors, and the use of aversive control procedures. All of this is quite good and very useful given the practical orientation of the book, an orientation certain to please frontline treatment personnel." --Contemporary Psychology

Specifying Behavior
Positive Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement Contingencies
Schedules of Reinforcement
Shaping and Response Differentiation
Stimulus Control
Discrimination and Generalization

Conditioned Reinforcement and Chaining
Modeling and Imitation
Negative Reinforcement
Respondent Conditioning
Cognitive Behavior Modification
Transfer of Change
Elements of Behavioral Assessment
Conducting a Behavioral Assessment
Intervention Planning and Evaluation

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