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Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors
Domestic Violence in India

First Edition
Edited by:

SAGE Classics

February 2013 | 244 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
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To be assaulted, abused and raped by someone as intimate as a husband, or lover, is the most degrading experience for a woman. Not recognized as ‘real violence, abuse of this nature is experienced daily by countless women in every culture. Behind closed doors of family, custom, values, traditions that are taken for granted and never questioned—are muffled voices of terror and trauma, which do not reach beyond the threshold nor attract the attention of lawmakers of redress agents.

Edited by a renowned women’s rights activist and a former victim of domestic violence, the book takes us inside these closed doors. It puts together the life stories of seventeen women from diverse culture, class, education and religious backgrounds in India who were victims of domestic violence. Apart from being a first person account, this powerful book is a tribute to the courage and determination of women who decided to break their silence. The book will inspire other victims of this ‘hidden crime’, to speak out, share their plight and change their fate.

A window into the ugly yet largely ignored world of domestic violence, this book will be of immense importance for students and scholars of social work, gender studies, lawyers and groups working for women. It is an essential read for all who dream of a gender egalitarian world—and also for those who prefer to turn a blind eye to this heinous crime.

Shirin Kudchedkar
Rinki Bhattacharya
Anwesha Arya
Devi: The Disempowered Goddess
Sobha Venkatesh Ghosh
Contextualizing Domestic Violence: Family, Community, State
Rinki Bhattacharya
The Narratives
Kalindi Muzumdar
Police Attitude and Women
Rinki Bhattacharya
Roadmap for Support
Chhaya Dey

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