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Beyond Gandhian Economics

Beyond Gandhian Economics
Towards a Creative Deconstruction

First Edition
  • B. N. Ghosh - Visiting Faculty, Leeds College of Management and Technology, Leeds, UK

November 2012 | 252 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Beyond Gandhian Economics: Towards a Creative Deconstruction aims at filling the knowledge gap existing in the ontology of Gandhian economics. The book in fact argues that Gandhi was not truly a neoclassical (traditional) economist. It reinterprets Gandhian economics as being constituted by some of his personal views on different topical questions related to a broader spectrum of issues encompassing moral philosophy, politics, and society.

The book establishes the fact that the economic issues discussed by Gandhi are inextricably conflated with political and social questions and go beyond the periphery of pure economics. These issues can be well-treated under the rubric of political economy hitherto neglected in Gandhian literature.


Whither Gandhian Economics

Gandhi’s Concept of Man

Gandhi on the Dynamics of Dependency, Integration and Change

Gandhi's Perception of Poverty and Economic Disparities

Gandhi's Philosophy of Conflict Management

Dialectics and Development: Hegel, Marx and Gandhi

Justice as Fair Treatment: Contextualizing Gandhi in Contemporary Consciousness

Gandhi on Politics, Power and Governance

Gandhi on Sustainable Development

Towards a New Interpretation of Gandhian Economics


[The book] explores and attempts to establish Gandhian political economy (GPE) beyond Gandhian economics through a creative deconstruction and it goes beyond the  defined domain of economics in analysing social, political and ethical implica¬tions of the so-called economic actions or policies’.... [It]is valuable on two accounts. First, there is ‘intersectionality of numerous components’. Numerous issues and concepts have been linked to the arrival of ‘Gandhian political economy’. Second, ‘critique’ per se has been concretely grounded.

The Book Review, Vol 38, January 2014

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ISBN: 9788132109495