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The Acrobatics of CHANGE

The Acrobatics of CHANGE
Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution

First Edition
  • Moid Siddiqui - Managing Director, Intellects Biz
  • R H Khwaja - Former Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, New Delhi

August 2008 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Managing change is a paradox-it is the interplay of two opposite forces i.e, 'desire for stability' and 'desire for change'. Techniques must first be used to address the forces of 'desire for stability' and then to enhance the forces of 'desire for change'. This interplay has an analogy with cosmic forces-expansive forces and gravitational forces which ensure an equilibrium among bodies in the cosmos.

The Acrobatics of CHANGE: Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution, analyses three "change stories"-two in Public Sector organizations viz., HMT and BEML, and one in the private sector-The Nagarjuna Group. The authors strongly believe that 'change' is not a 'dance', as dance is rhythmic with predetermined steps whlile managing change is a trapeze which needs passion, courage, enthusiasm, and, above all, perfect timing.

Jamshed J Irani
Foreword Jamshed J Irani

Scarecrow Does Not Scare Crows
Why Can't You Step into the Same River Twice?
Change Management-A Trapeze Feat
If You Do Not Know Where You are Going Any Road Will Take You There!
A Boiled Frog Never Jumps Out of the Frying Pan
Dynamic Stability is No Paradox
Managing Creative Change-Five Actors
Generating Creative Ideas-Tips and Techniques
Managing 'Change Paradox'
Walking the Tightrope-Change Stories
Managing Transition-Hard Track and Soft Track
Change without Pain-Techniques and Processes


My Romance with Singareni-A Brief Historical Perspective
Reforms with a Human Touch-Management from the Heart
The Power of 'Bonding'-Singarenism
The Magic of Communication
Learning from Adversities-The Test of True Leadership
The Lovebirds-In the Green Pastures of Singareni
Pygmalion Singarenians-Some Profile of Courage

‘The book is of enormous relevance today as in the age of globalisation we are under constant pressure of being ahead of others to survive.’

Dr R.K. Pachauri

‘Here is a book not just for the library book shelf but one with nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to change management companies, in personal lives and at the work place.’ and The Wall Street Journal

This is a fresh approach adapted on the subject of change management where the book is a treat to the reader. The lucid style to convey powerful thoughts is a definite plus of this book. The book leaves a sense of excitement and the satisfaction of having read a good book for the reader, where the authors deserve kudos.


Acrobatics of Change: Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution by Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaja is a classic in the area of managing change. There are several books on 'managing change', but what sets this book apart is its different tone and tenor, its 'storytelling' technique and its critical, in-depth and practical treatment of the subject matter. Throughout, the reader finds a blend of philosophy and pragmatism, which makes the book all the more exclusive of its kind…. The book could be considered as a path breaking contribution in the area of organizational dynamics which is so crucial for effective governance in organizations and society. It is a must for the policy makers, business leaders and researchers in public administration, business management and public service.

Journal of Administrative and Governance

A striking feature of this book is that it examines change as a natural corollary of life. Hence it impresses upon the fact that change is not just a mantra for growth, rather improvising and adapting to change is the only way for survival.

The Times of India

[This book is] a good blend of theories, concepts and practical techniques.

Mail Today

There are several books on managing change but what sets this book apart is its different tone and tenor, its storytelling technique and its critical and in depth treatment of the subject matter.

Asian Age

It will be an invaluable source of information for all professional managers…The book is encapsulated with practical wisdom. The book has takeaways relevant to any individual or enterprise embarking on the process of change management…. The Acrobatics of Change is a useful and engaging book on change management.

Management and Labour Studies

The Acrobatics of Change: Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution is refreshing in its perspective and commentary.... Easy to grasp business lingo...uncomplicated yet in-depth analyses and creative scenarios coupled with relevant quotes by masters mark this matter of facts musing by Moid Siddiqui and R H Khwaja...CEOs, entrepreneurs, business consultants, professionals in all fields and students of management should make a dig at this worthy investment.

Delhi Mid Day

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ISBN: 9788178298474