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Becoming a Great Teacher of Reading

Becoming a Great Teacher of Reading
Achieving High Rapid Reading Gains With Powerful, Differentiated Strategies

First Edition
  • Marie Carbo - National Reading Styles Institute, Syosset, NY

August 2007 | 248 pages | Corwin

Use this "failure-free" approach to improve test scores and help all students enjoy reading!

Are you looking for strategies that make learning to read easier and more fun for your students while bringing about significant increases in their performance results? Literacy expert Marie Carbo pairs identifying each learner's unique reading style with a wide range of differentiated strategies to help all learners experience greater reading success.

Using these research-based methods, both novice and experienced teachers can increase reading achievement with all learners, including those who are at-risk, older, or have special needs, as well as English Language Learners. The author offers practical assistance for implementing strategies that meet the requirements of NCLB, Title I, Reading First, and many state initiatives. This teacher-friendly resource includes recommendations for:

  • Closing the academic gap by focusing on learning strengths
  • Increasing readers' confidence and creativity
  • Accommodating students with special needs
  • Using reading labs with older students

A powerful tool for nurturing a love of reading, Becoming a Great Teacher of Reading not only strengthens students' reading comprehension and increases their reading motivation and enjoyment, but also helps ensure their continuing academic success.

About the Author
1. Believe All Students Can Learn
2. Understand 12 Guiding Principles
3. Focus on Comprehension and Enjoyment
4. Identify Natural Strengths
5. Teach to Natural Strengths
6. Use the Continuum of Assisted Reading Methods
7. Use the Carbo Recording Method
8. Provide Opportunities for Active Learning
9. Design Student-Responsive Environments
10. Reduce Visual Dyslexia
11. Accommodate Students With Special Needs
12. Prepare Students for Tests
Epilogue. Becoming a Great Teacher of Reading
Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. U.S. Reading Achievement
Appendix C. Reading Styles Research
Appendix D. Learning Styles Research
Appendix E. Reading Style Inventory

"If you really want to be a great reading teacher, this is the book for you! Marie Carbo has the research and the recipe to raise literacy levels. Differentiated instruction, teaching to student strengths, and reading strategies that work make this a resource that must be on every teacher’s shelf."

Marilee Sprenger, Author, Becoming a “Wiz” at Brain-Based Teaching

"A dynamic guide for any teacher of reading who wants to improve instruction and engage and excite students with reading. This how-to guide not only brings good sense and balance to the teaching of reading, but helps teachers return the joy of reading to the learning experience."

Dotti Augustine, Learning Specialist
Dillon Valley Elementary, CO

"Carbo’s clear voice reminds teachers that all students have the right to learn through their strengths rather than through a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all formula."

Henri Sue Bynum, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Indian River Community College

"An excellent book that will reignite your passion for teaching students of all abilities to read. Dr. Carbo’s focus on matching appropriate reading methods to student strengths is a uniquely positive, student-centered approach in today’s world of massive core reading programs and skills-based agendas. The book provides a wealth of concrete, research-based strategies that will truly allow you to differentiate instruction and bring the joy of reading to all of your students."

Jill Haney, Director of Reading
PCI Educational Publishing

"The Carbo assisted reading method has been proven to change the lives of many students by addressing their individual strengths and learning styles and promoting confidence and success in the areas of fluency and comprehension. Students become engaged and motivated readers through high-interest stories and choice of text. Not only do students learn to be successful readers, they also learn to love reading! That is the real success story!"

Lisa Wiler, Fourth-Grade Teacher
Catlettsburg Elementary School, KY

"Carbo excites educators about teaching reading while assuring them that having high expectations for struggling readers is a realistic vision."

Lorraine Coughlin, Coordinator of the Educator Preparation Institute
Indian River Community College

"Marie Carbo presents an excellent road map that shows teachers practical, everyday strategies they can implement as keys to unlocking the mystery of learning to read. Carbo’s strategies help educators match their teaching styles to students’ reading styles and focus on using students’ strengths to address their academic weaknesses. Professional learning communities would benefit from using and discussing this book to keep the focus on students, their learning styles, and their academic success."

Robert W. Katulak, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
Haverstraw-Stony Point Central School District, NY

"With a rising tide of 'lost boys' in reading classes and a drop out rate that hasn’t changed in decades, we ignore at our national risk the grand lesson in Marie Carbo’s 30 years of teaching and research: one size doesn’t fit all in reading. All children don’t learn to read the same way—any more than all major leaguers get their hits using the same stance. In this wonderful new volume, teachers old and new will find the missing ingredients—the classroom strategies that were missing for struggling readers who tried to read but failed. Marie Carbo shows us how to uncover each child’s strengths and use them."

Jim Trelease, Author of Read-Aloud Handbook

"Reading this book will teach or remind teachers to use key reading strategies, but most of all to remember that students learn through their strengths. This is so important and only Marie Carbo brings it to you in a way that makes so much sense and in a way that I have been looking for all my career."

Joyce L. Evans, Teacher
Monongah Elementary School, WV

"Connect, appreciate, and motivate—three powerful ideas that evolve in Carbo’s book. Reading becomes a personal triangle between the teacher, the student, and the wonderment of written words."

Melanie Rockwell, Teacher
Summit Elementary School, Ashland, KY
Key features
  • Offers research-based classroom strategies based on identifying and teaching to students' natural strengths 
  • Incorporates methods that have produced high reading gains among both fluent and low-performing readers
  • Explains how to implement strategies that have been identified by the U.S. Department of Education as meeting the requirements of NCLB, Title I, Reading First, as well as many state initiatives
  • Shows how strategies can help reduce discipline problems and reading anxieties and increase confidence and creativity
  • Includes specific strategies for at-risk readers, older readers, diverse readers, and all learners who can benefit from a "failure-free learning" approach to reading instruction

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ISBN: 9781412936422

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