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Central Tendency and Variability

Central Tendency and Variability

December 1991 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Using a clear, expository style that builds from simple to more complex topics, Weisberg explains how to measure the center and variation on a single variable. Beginning with an exploration of how to measure variables with different numeric or nonnumeric properties, the volume covers such important topics as how to examine distribution of variables, how to measure the spread of a variable in order to see how much the values on the variable differ, how to generalize the sample results to the population, and the use of exploratory data analysis to measure center and spread. Researchers, practitioners, and students who need a "refresher" before doing a bivariate or multivariate analysis will find this book the perfect guide.

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Levels of Measurement
Measures of Center
Measures of Spread
Center and Spread in Samples

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ISBN: 9780803940079

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