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Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship

Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
Exploring the Role of Education

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December 2007 | 200 pages | Corwin

"In today's 'teach-to-the-test' climate, do we ever need a book about wisdom and creativity! Our focus as educators is enriched by this book."
—Robert Di Giulio, Professor
Johnson State College

"Creativity, wisdom, and trusteeship may each sound good enough in itself, but the contributors to this volume make a compelling case for how much they need one another."
—David Perkins, Professor
Harvard University

How do creativity, wisdom, and trusteeship translate into "excellent and ethical" educational practices?

This important new volume from Anna Craft, Howard Gardner, and Guy Claxton focuses on the need to educate for "wise creativity" so that students will learn to expand their perspectives and exercise their talents responsibly within their school community and in the real world.

The editors' theories, plus contributions from noted scholars Dean Keith Simonton, David Henry Feldman, Jonathan Rowson, Helen Haste, Patrick Dillon, Hans Henrik Knoop, Christopher Bannerman, Robert J. Sternberg, and Dave Trotman, develop a concept of teachers as "trustees," or respected, nonpartisan role models who can exercise wise creativity in their classrooms and cultivate this quality in their students.

The book explores a wide range of questions, such as:

  • What is the nature of creativity and wisdom and what does it mean to exercise a balance between the two?
  • What do creativity, wisdom, and trusteeship look like in society and in the school community?
  • How can schools educate for creativity tempered by wisdom?
  • What does it take to nurture trustee leadership in the classroom and schoolwide?

Thought-provoking and incisive, Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship is essential reading for all members of the educational community.

About the Editors
About the Contributors
Anna Craft, Howard Gardner, Guy Claxton
1. Nurturing Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship in Education: A Collective Debate
Part One: Stimulus Chapters on Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
Anna Craft
2. Tensions in Creativity and Education: Enter Wisdom and Trusteeship?
Guy Claxton
3. Wisdom: Advanced Creativity?
Howard Gardner
4. Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
Part Two: Response Chapters on Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
Dean Keith Simonton
5. Creative Wisdom: Similarities, Contrasts, Integration, and Application
David Henry Feldman
6. Creativity and Wisdom: Are They Incompatible?
Jonathan Rowson
7. How Are We Disposed to Be Creative?
Helen Haste
8. Good Thinking: The Creative and Competent Mind
Patrick Dillon
9. Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship: Niches of Cultural Production
Hans Henrik Knoop
10. Wise Creativity and Creative Wisdom
Christopher Bannerman
11. Creativity and Wisdom
Robert J. Sternberg
12. Leadership as a Basis for the Education of Our Children
Dave Trotman
13. Liberating the Wise Educator: Cultivating Professional Judgment in Educational Practice
Part Three: Synthesizing Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
Guy Claxton, Anna Craft, Howard Gardner
14. Concluding Thoughts: Good Thinking — Education for Wise Creativity

"The contributors' thoughts about the importance of a disciplinary framework as a necessary foundation for building greater creative and intuitive insight are so true. Their examples of the artist’s performance as being an 'interplay between the intuitive and the conscious' are wonderful. I also appreciated the discussions on the importance of collegial work and empathy."

Lynn Erickson, Educational Consultant
Author of Stirring the Heart, Head, and Soul

"The book is rich in ideas and scholarship. Its diversity of perspectives is also a strength."

Jack Miller, Professor
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

"Especially in today's 'teach-to-the-test' climate, do we ever need a book on the subject of wisdom and creativity! This is a relatively rare and essential title. Our focus as educators (and citizens) would be enriched by such a book."

Robert Di Giulio, Professor
Johnson State College

"The book focuses on very significant issues of our time. It teaches us lessons about ourselves as a society and a culture that we need to heed. The ideas presented are well corroborated by work in widely different fields of scholarship, giving them solid credibility."

Ruth Thomas, Professor
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

"The book reveals some superb thinking about complex ideas. It offers the valuable tension of differing perspectives, and its contributions successfully and elegantly bridge the chasm between theory and practice."

Geoffrey Caine, Educational Consultant
Caine LLC

"An important topic. A book like this provides fodder for dialogue and articulation that is much needed in higher education."

Marilee Sprenger, Educational Consultant
Author of Becoming a “Wiz” at Brain-Based Teaching

"Rich, varied, and highly stimulating. This book breaks new ground by identifying the opportunities and conflicts in our desire to encourage multiple virtues through education. It will nourish educational practice and encourage fresh public debate."

Tom Bentley, Executive Director of Policy and Strategy
Dept. of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, Australia

"Creativity, wisdom, and trusteeship may each sound good enough in itself, but the multiple contributors to this volume make a compelling case for how much they need one another. Wise creativity is one of the aspirations, a quality distinctly at odds with the culture-free and economically aggressive conceptions of creativity that figure in educational and corporate agendas these days."

David Perkins, Professor
Harvard University

“Creativity, that marvelous catch-all phrase with which we are now all imbued, is a concept that is both complex and simple...a vital life force. This book is important because its fundamental proposition is that creativity and being are one and the same. Read it.”

Tim Smit, Chief Executive
The Eden Project

Wonderful, absolutely in line with my dissertation

Mr Vicky Krug
Health Prof Social Science Div, Westmoreland Co Cmty College
October 16, 2014
Key features
  • Internationally known, highly regarded editors and contributors
  • A series of reflections on the relationships between creativity, wisdom, trusteeship, and education
  • Discusses fundamental questions about the current state of education—what it is, what it should be  

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