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Cyber Savvy

Cyber Savvy
Embracing Digital Safety and Civility

December 2011 | 176 pages | Corwin

How to teach students online safety and citizenship

Concerns about children's online safety have evolved from protecting them to focusing on encouraging positive social norms, transmitting effective skills, and encouraging students to be helpful allies. In fact, federal law now requires schools that receive funding to educate students about cyber safety. Nancy Willard integrates her expertise in risk prevention, law, and education to provide a collaborative process for teaching secondary students media literacy, safety, and "netiquette." She lays out the steps for school staff to team up with students to build an effective program that will teach young people how to:

  • Keep themselves safe
  • Disclose and consume information wisely
  • Respect the rights, privacy, and property of others
  • Take responsibility for others' well-being when needed
  • Respond to inappropriate or dangerous situations

The author's companion website provides access to surveys, stories, and news articles that spark student discussions and support the book's activities. Cyber Savvy will show you how to turn techno panic into techno power!

About the Author
I. Teaching Digital Safety & Citizenship
1. Let Them Teach Each Other to Swim
2. Making Positive Choices Online
3. The Dangers of Techno-Panic
4. Targeted Youth Risk Online Prevention & Intervention
5. Law Enforcement Officers as Instructors
6. School Staff Online
7. Providing Parent Guidance
II. Digital Safety and Citizenship Issues
8. Cyber Safe Kids
9. Avoid the Impulse - Remember What You Do Reflects on You
10. Read With Your Eyes Open - Assess the Credibility of Information
11. Keep Your Life in Balance - Avoid Addictive Use
12. Think Before You Post - Protect Your Reputation & Respect Others
13. Connect Safely - Interact Safely With Others Online
14. Keep Yourself Secure - Implement Security & Avoid Scams
15. Abide by the Terms - Act in Accord with Laws, Policies, & Terms
16. Stay Out of the Garbage - Avoid Objectionable & Illegal Material
17. Don’t Sell Yourself - Disclose & Consume Wisely
18. Protect Your Face & Friends - Be a Savvy & Civil When Networking
19. Embrace Civility - Prevent Hurtful Digital Communications
20. Cyberdate Safely - Avoid Exploitation & Abusive Relationships

"Willard provides the reader with a critical understanding of why we need a more effective approach to teaching teens about Internet safety and citizenship. The guidelines and strategies she describes make the reader believe that implementation of a more effective, Cyber Savvy approach is not only feasible, but easily accomplished."

Aimée M. Bissonette, JD
Little Buffalo Law & Consulting, Richfield, MN

"This book's approach is both interesting and outside the common tactics used by many schools to address cyber-citizenship issues. Instead of issuing mass edicts for school districts that will 'protect' students and staff by preventing access to valuable online information, Nancy Willard has developed a balanced methodology around making wiser choices and stronger long-term decisions."

Christopher Wells, Director of IT Policies and Communications
Gwinnett County Public Schools, Suwanee, GA

“As the clear, informed, expert voice on cyberbullying, Nancy Willard shows how to make informed decisions that reflect reality. Her work is inspiring and extremely important to the national debate about digital citizenship.”

Jason Ohler, Professor Emeritus and Author
University of Alaska, Juneau

"This book will help educators teach their students media literacy, safety, and 'netiquette.' Willard's expertise in risk prevention, law and education provides educators with the tools fo build an effective program for teaching students online safety and citizenship."

Courtney Williams
District Administration Magazine, March 2012

"This well-researched and documented book is laid out for easy reading and understanding of often complex materials and sensitive subjects."

Sara Marcus, Web Librarian
Queensborough Community College, New York
Library Media Connection, August 2012
Key features
The book will include
· Figures
· Exhibits
· (to be added to Part II) Case situations illustrating each of the issues discussed

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