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Harness the Power of Reflection

Harness the Power of Reflection
Continuous School Improvement From the Front Office to the Classroom

  • Ron Nash - Ron Nash and Associates, LLC

April 2011 | 200 pages | Corwin

"Anyone in the education field would benefit from reading this book. Ron Nash expertly weaves in case studies illustrating the topic of each chapter. He has inspired me to continue to focus on improvement in my school."
—Jill Broaddus, Principal
Cool Spring Elementary, Leesburg, VA

Elevate your team's attitude from "whatever" to "whatever it takes"

Seasoned educator Ron Nash shares the results of his visits to schools where "we will do better" has replaced "whatever" as the official mantra. His findings will inspire school staff members to embark on their own continuous improvement journeys and model that experience for their students. This book provides a framework for individual reflection and evaluation of schools' processes as part of a professional development program. Ideally, all staff members will be on board. But even with less than 100% support, each person can make a difference. The results speak for themselves:

Inspired and empowered staff members

  • Active classrooms with engaged students who enjoy school
  • A customer service-oriented culture where parents feel welcome and valued
  • A schoolwide commitment to sustaining improvement efforts

Included are strategies, action items, processes, and examples from successful programs nationwide. From the classroom to the lunchroom, students learn from those around them. By modeling commitment, self-renewal, and persistence in the face of difficulties, we are teaching skills that will serve students well in adulthood.

About the Author
1. Going Viral With Improvement
2. Change and the Status Quo
3. School Environment as Accelerant
4. Classroom Environment as Accelerant
5. Systematizing Process Improvement in the Classroom
6. Facilitating the Long Haul
7. Not Waiting for the "Go!"
8. Asking Questions and Getting Started
Appendix A. Processes Into Systems: Building Level
Appendix B. Building-Level Improvement Example
Appendix C. Processes into Systems: Classroom Level
Appendix D. Classroom-Level Improvement Examples

“We are knee-deep in the age of accountability and investigating ways to close the achievement gaps while still raising student achievement for all students. As teacher leaders and school administrators, we need to constantly explore and analyze procedures that will lead to continuous improvement in our learning environment. This book outlines some common pitfalls and gives practical advice as well as real life examples of how our colleagues have made dynamic changes.”

Kathleen Hwang, Principal
Sanders Corner Elementary, Ashburn, VA

"Anyone in the education field would benefit from reading this book. I found every chapter of this book beneficial to my job and school. Ron Nash expertly weaves in case studies with the point of each chapter. He has inspired me to continue to work towards improvement in my school."

Jill Broaddus, Principal
Cool Spring Elementary, Leesburg, VA

"Ron Nash references many excellent and highly regarded researchers and his own experience abolishing committees and instituting project teams. I was energized by this book; it was truly a reminder of what I believe as a person, educator, and professional. This book is not only great for aspiring principals or superintendents, but also for anyone who is involved in organizational development."

Lori Bird, Director
Minnesota State University Center for Mentoring & Induction

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