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Leaders as Communicators and Diplomats

Leaders as Communicators and Diplomats

March 2009 | 160 pages | Corwin

Leadership Solutions

Motivate, persuade, and inspire your school community!

A central role of any educational leader is that of an accomplished communicator—one who can relate to diverse communities, promote cooperative interaction, and unify stakeholders around the larger cause of quality education for every student.

This sixth volume in the Soul of Educational Leadership series provides innovative ideas on diplomacy and practical strategies for strengthening communications skills. With contributions from top leadership figures like Paul D. Houston, John R. Hoyle, Rich Bagin, and Daniel H. Pink, this resource emphasizes the importance of clear and purposeful communication in gaining support, avoiding misunderstandings, and establishing productive communitywide relationships. Individual chapters demonstrate how readers can:

  • Create dynamic, effective districtwide communication systems
  • Respond to district challenges and issues
  • Use electronic communication tools effectively
  • Secure and increase funding for their schools and districts
  • Increase avenues for informing the public about issues that affect schools and students

This insightful book offers all school leaders a rich array of creative, thoughtful communication approaches to empower their leadership and inspire everyone who has a stake in preparing today's students for tomorrow's challenges.

Robert W. Cole
About the Authors
Paul D. Houston
1. The Superintendent as Communicator and Diplomat
Krista Parent
2. The Leader as Communicator and Diplomat
John R. Hoyle
3. The Educational Leader: Diplomat and Communicator for All Students
Betty Rosa
4. Learning to Be a Leader
Rich Bagin
5. Leaders as Communicators and Ambassadors
Donald A. Phillips
6. The Superintendent as Key Communicator and Diplomat: A Case Study
Mark Stock
7. The Superintendent as Blogger
Daniel H. Pink
8. A Whole New Mind for Schools
Edward B. Fiske
9. Endnote

"Houston, Blankstein, and Cole have hit the nail on the head yet again in this new addition to their Soul of Educational Leadership series. A blend of stories, techniques, and technology to keep the educational administrator out front and leading."

Chuck Bonner, Assistant Principal
Great Valley High School, Malvern, PA

"The writing is easy to follow and provides good insights. This is important material for superintendents, aspiring superintendents, and all school leaders."

Paul G. Young, Executive Director
West After School Center, Lancaster, OH

"This book creates an awareness of the many tools we can use to communicate. The real-life examples help the reader see the need to keep all lines of communication open."

Ralph A. Gilchrest III, Principal
Lake Gibson High School, Lakeland, FL

“Today’s school leaders must be both excellent communicators and skilled diplomats. It’s no longer sufficient to plot a course to meet the needs of students. Leading a school system through change requires the mastery of persuasive communications and interpersonal relations that will earn the leader the respect of constituents and faith in his or her decisions. This book offers sound guidance on new and established ways to connect with the community to advance high-quality education for all students.”

Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director
American Association of School Administrators

This book contains good information but I need something less specific for my class

Dr Jill Rucker
Agri Leadership Ed Comm Dept, University of Georgia
April 8, 2011
Key features
  • Compact volume offering contributions from top school leadership figures in theory and practice and compiled by two of the best-known and most influential experts in school leadership
  • Combines research, practice, and innovative thinking into a single volume
  • Copublished with AASA and the HOPE Foundation

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