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Making Algebra Come Alive

Making Algebra Come Alive
Student Activities and Teacher Notes

July 2000 | 168 pages | Corwin
Activities in Algebra is a set of versatile enrichment exercises that covers a very broad range of mathematical topics and applications-from the Moebius strip to the googol. Several criteria have been used in developing the activities and in selecting the topics that are included. All of them bear heavily, and equally, on our concerns for curriculum goals and classroom management. Each activity is presented as a reproducible student investigation. It is followed by guidelines and notes for the teacher. Each activity is keyed to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards, Revised. This link to the NCTM standards allows teachers to facilitate linking classroom activities to specific state and school district content standards. First and foremost, the activities are meant to be motivational. As much as possible, we want this book to achieve the goal of being attractive to people who thought they didn't like mathematics. To accomplish this, it is necessary for the activities to be quite different from what students encounter in their basal texts-different in both substance and form. This seems especially critical; no matter how excellent a basal text is being used, nearly every class experiences the "blahs." Unfortunately, this sort of boredom is often well entrenched long before the teacher and perhaps even the students are aware of it. Presenting activities on a regular basis gives the variety and change of pace needed to sustain interest in any subject.

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