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Mirror Images

Reflections on the new teacher leaders

What inspires teachers to see themselves as leaders? Mirror Images takes a comprehensive look at what teacher leadership means today and how teachers can transform the future of their profession. Included are ten iconic images of teacher leadership roles to help teachers move beyond teaching as they were taught. The authors make a compelling case for the importance of teacher leadership today, based on these current conditions:

  • Top-down change is less effective today than ever
  • Teacher leadership in schools is a force, not a position
  • Old stereotypes of teaching keep teachers from striving for more
  • Leadership, learning, and change are united

This book challenges you to avoid simply becoming a replica of teachers you have seen in the past. Instead, embrace your own vision for what is possible and become the teacher leader you were destined to be.

About the Authors
1. The Learning Advocate
2. The Believer
3. The Transformationalist
4. The Synergizer
5. The Method Master
6. The Fully Invested Owner
7. The Present Balance Keeper
8. The Servant
9. The Inquisitor
10. The Detective

"Teachers are the heart and soul of education, and a school without teacher leaders absolutely cannot move forward. Teachers, working hand-in-hand with competent and motivated administrators, can and will make all the difference for the young learners in our schools."


Mary Johnstone, Principal
Rabbit Creek Elementary School, Anchorage, AK

"This book provides vignettes that inspire, motivate, and empower teachers to make a difference in students' lives."

Alice Manus, Associate Principal
Soldan International Studies High School, St. Louis, MO

"A great guide for teachers who are interested in or are currently in leadership roles. It’s a book that provides support and encouragement for teachers trying to make effective changes in their school systems."

Kylie Lake, Primary Teacher, Specialist for literacy, math, and social emotional learning
Rabbit Creek Elementary School, Anchorage, AK

"Many classroom teachers have aspirations that don’t include wanting to run the school as principal or assistant principal; they just want to make an important contribution towards improving education because they know they are capable. Teacher Leadership 2.0 empowers those who wish to advocate for student learning and effect positive change."

Melanie Mares Sainz, Academic Coach
Lowndes Middle School, Valdosta, GA

"This book demonstrates the influence committed teachers have with their students and colleagues as they become true leaders in the profession."

Charlotte Danielson, Educational Consultant
Princeton, NJ

"This insightful book is packed with practical ideas and concepts that could benefit teachers and schools in hundreds of ways! This book is affirming and encouraging to all teachers: Follow the leader!"

Angie Boles, First Grade Teacher
Grayhawk Elementary, Scottsdale, AZ

"The perfect storm in which we find ourselves is the perfect opportunity for teachers to provide collaborative leadership, and this book describes ways in which educators can lead where they are, for the benefit of students. This book also provides a framework for teacher leaders to facilitate data-driven conversations with their colleagues. Ultimately, the research contained in this book provides an excellent framework for any district looking to capitalize on or expand the professional learning community process."

Todd Nichols, Superintendent
Bucyrus City Schools, OH

"As a teacher, the daily grind can leave you feeling as if you are simply a worker drone set out to follow orders given by those in charge. Mirror Images breaks that stereotype by defining the myriad of ways that teachers use their strengths to be leaders in today’s schools on a daily basis. Every teacher - rookie or veteran - can identify with at least one, if not many, of the teacher leaders defined by Dr. Reason, which empowers teachers to realize that they can individually make an impact on the way a school is run. Mirror Images is a guide book for teachers looking to use their strengths in order to make a difference in the field of education."

Jessica Beazley, Secondary Math Teacher
Phoenix, AZ
Key features

Each chapter following the introduction introduces the concept, demonstrates the model in action, describes how it affects change, and specifically gives a story from the field. Furthermore, the end of each chapter offers implementation advice to both teachers and principals. Each of these sections just described is broken out into a discreet component of each chapter.

Iconic Images of Teachers

One of the most important aspects of this book will be the delivery of iconic images of teacher leadership. There will be @12 iconic images that demonstrate each of the mental models for teacher leadership presented in this book. For example, The Expert and Champion for Learning, The Keeper of Love, Hope, and Belief, The Courageous Transformationalist, etc., etc. will each have an iconic image that will be associated with its description.


Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: The Learning Advocate

For instructors

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