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Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching
Unlocking the Power of Collaboration

August 2013 | 232 pages | Corwin

Teachers are better together!

Nationally and internationally, educators are excited about Les Foltos’ techniques for effective peer coaching. The model for Peer Coaching outlined in his 2011 TED talk has been implemented in 40 countries and counting with powerful results.

Now you have it in this concise guide to effective coaching! Train teachers to help each other refine their classroom strategies and tailor them to 21st Century needs. Foltos’ insights include

  • How peer coaching that makes a difference involves much more than just one teacher offering another advice.
  • How a coaching relationship is first built on trust, and then on the willingness to take risks.
  • Why peer coaching should focus on adapting teaching methods to the technological future of education.

For schools to effect the changes the future demands, teachers must learn how to collaborate effectively. With this book, Les Foltos shows the way.

“Not only does Peer Coaching explain how to effectively support and leverage peer coaches, it specifically addresses how these coaches can be a critical element in supporting 21st century education and the ‘4 C’s’. It's a great contribution to the 21st century PD literature.”
—Ken Kay, CEO of EdLeader21

About the Author
1. Coaching Roles and Responsibilities
2. Why Peer Coaching
3. Preparing Coaches
4. The Coaching Plan
5. Communication and Collaboration
6. Defining Effective Learning Activities
7. Lesson-Improvement Process
8. Enhancing Learning by Integrating Technology
9. Connecting Coaching Skills to Practice
10. Sustaining Coaching and Building Capacity

"An inspiration. This book is a must read for anyone who believes that skilled teachers, and good teaching, are at the core of what’s needed to transform schools to meet the needs of today’s learners.  Les Foltos draws from the professional learning and organizational change literature as well as from his vast experience working in schools around the globe to bring the point home."

Leslie S. Conery, ISTE Chief Education Officer

"There is much rhetoric in education around the role of peer coaching for teachers, but less understanding of how to make coaching effective. Dr. Foltos has been at the front of the peer coaching movement with more than a decade of experience working in over 40 countries to build communities of professional learners supporting each other. Peer Coaching: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration, draws on this experience to provide a detailed topography of why teacher professional learning through peer coaching is so important in enabling teachers as partners in improving learning for students. At the core is a simple message, working together on improving teaching and learning in a supportive environment makes a big difference for children. The book explains in detail the how to make this work!"

Greg Butler, Senior Director
Education Strategic Partnership

"The insights and ideas in this book works in many ways as a guide for the schoolleader and peer who wants to build a climate of sharing and collaboration built on trust and reflection. Based on his vast experience, research and empathy Les Foltos shows anyone involved in education the path to future learning environments."

Mick Hellgren, Teacher and Peer Coach

Dr Les Foltos offers a wonderful insight into the theoretical world of Peer Coaching as well as invaluable practical lessons gained from many years of observing and supporting teachers across the globe. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with a passion for collaborating with colleagues to improve the future of their students.

Christine Simmons
Department of Education and Training

"The book explains in words what every teacher and school leader should already be considering: how to prepare our students for the coming century by collaborating, sharing, and using technology as a powerful tool."

Jerker Porat, Teacher and Peer Coach

"Whenever I get asked for cost-effective ways to transform professional development, I point people towards peer- coaching and Les Foltos, the crown prince of peer coaching. Now I can point them toward this great book. Not only does it explain how to effectively support and leverage peer coaches, but specifically addresses how these coaches can be a critical element in supporting 21st century education and the '4 C's'. It's a great contribution to the 21st century PD literature."

Ken Kay, CEO

"Peer Coaches: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration will be a useful tool for any district undertaking the development of a peer coaching program.  The future of education rests on collaboration among teachers to provide the best learning activities and embedded technology for students, and peer coaching provides the vehicle that will allow that collaboration to be effective."

Kay Teehan, Technology Resource Specialist
Polk County Schools

"In this book, Les Foltos presents an outstanding and practical case for schools to develop staff by utilizing peer coaching. As a result, today’s students will learn the 21st century skills they will need for the future."

Dr. Linda Gross Cheliotes, School Leadership Coach
Coaching For Results Global

"This book narrows in on an important concept:  people discuss the importance of collaboration, but successful collaboration is rarely defined.  Through Peer Coaching, Les Foltos analyzes factors and processes of how to develop innovative, coherent, educational instruction, with student learning central to its focus."

Maria Muzzo, Educator
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