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Schools and Data

Schools and Data
The Educator's Guide for Using Data to Improve Decision Making

Second Edition

July 2006 | 224 pages | Corwin

Praise for the First Edition:

"Creighton's descriptions of the applicability and helpfulness of statistics for educators is especially strong. His use of plain language and school-based examples is crucial."
-Scott McLeod, Assistant Professor
University of Cincinnati

Improve instructional leadership practice with proven, easy-to-understand strategies for data-based decision making!

Since the first edition of Schools and Data, the No Child Left Behind Act has swept the country, and data-based decision making is no longer an option for educators. Today's educational climate makes it imperative for all schools to collect data and use statistical analysis to help create clear goals and recognize strategies for improvement.

Schools and Data, Second Edition, focuses on the relevance of statistics in the lives of principals and teachers. Real-life examples and step-by-step procedures for collecting and organizing data provide every school leader with the means to facilitate more appropriate and effective decision making. With a highly practical method for statistical analysis, this comprehensive yet reader-friendly new edition places special emphasis on:

  • Connecting statistics and educators' daily work
  • Integrating applied technology, including Excel and SPSS software
  • Strengthening educators' data interpretation skills
  • Building strong skills in problem analysis, program evaluation, data-driven decision making, and report preparation
  • Increasing the focus on correlation and regression

Packed with easy-to-follow instructions, illustrations, and real-world examples that educators can readily understand, this is an essential resource for school leaders who want to create meaningful, data-driven decisions!

*Note: The author created web site that provides information and activities paralleling the individual chapters of the second education of Schools and Data text is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

About the Authors
1. The Role of Data Analysis in the Lives of School Leaders
2. Getting Started
3. Collecting and Organizing Data
4. Correlation: My GRE Score Is Not Good Enough for Harvard!
5. Introduction to Regression
6. Formulating Research Questions and Comparison of Means
7. The Independent-Samples t Test
8. Analysis of Variance: The Difference Between Two or More Sample Means
9. Analysis of Variance: Repeated Measures
10. Two-Way Analysis of Variance: Two Independent Variables
11. What If No Mean Scores? The Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit
12. The Other “Q”
13. Putting It All Together: An Evidence-Based Practice Field
Resource A. Music Correlation
Resource B. The t Distribution Table
Resource C. The F Distribution Table
Resource D. The Chi-Square Distribution Table
Resource E. Horizon High School Data

"Real-world examples accompany step-by-step procedures for collecting, organizing, and using data to provide leaders with more effective decision-making tools. A 'must' for educators and administrators in school settings."

California Bookwatch, October 2006

The book did not have the types of data I was looking for in an assessment course. I needed student test data.

Jeri Benson
Educational Psychology , University of Florida
February 23, 2010

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