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Tools for Engagement

Tools for Engagement
Managing Emotional States for Learner Success

February 2003 | 216 pages | Corwin

Formerly a publication of The Brain Store 

Use these practical tools to turn distracted learners into focused, enthusiastic students!

Have you ever watched your students walk into your classroom distracted--some full of energy, others dragging? As an instructor, gaining student attention is your first step towards an effective lesson. If you're running out of creative ideas for getting your students focused and on task, Tools for Engagement is a great resource for you.

Learn the specifics about different emotional states and how to adapt the learning process to work effectively with those states. Within this book's color-coded chapters, you'll discover more than 150 practical activities that will arouse curiosity, promote accountability, ease transitions, boost confidence, and enhance understanding and retention. Your confidence as an instructor will soar with these powerful, state-changing tools.

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ISBN: 9781890460389