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Business History

Business History

Four Volume Set
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December 2004 | 1 468 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The past shapes the present and plays into the future. Business History provides an overview of the development of the national and international economy, besides providing key insights into industrial structure and the evolution of business strategies. This collection presents some of the most important journal articles, written in English, on the business history of modern capitalism. The majority relate to the 20th century and all illuminate various aspects of the modern business system and the corporations (and small businesses) that have been its pillars.

The articles have been arranged in five broad sections spanning the business environment, organizational development, globalization, entrepreneurship and management, and ethics and the environment. Within these prime divisions there are subordinate but discrete topics, such as the state and business; business and technical change; business strategy; corporate merger-making; multinational enterprise; small-and-medium enterprise; entrepreneurship; management; marketing; labour management; business culture; boardroom governance; business ethics; and corporate crime.

P A C Koistinen
The 'Industrial Military Complex' in Historical Perspective
World War I  
Edward W Constant II
A Model for Technological Change Applied to the Turbojet Revolution
Leonard S Reich
Research, Patents, and the Struggle to Control Radio
A Study of Big Business and the Uses of Industrial Research  
Tedlow, Richard S,
From Competitor to Consumer
The Changing Focus of Federal Regulation of Advertising, 1914-1938  
N B Stern
Eckert-Mauchly Computers
Conceptual Triumphs, Commercial Tribulations  
Barry Supple
The Political Economy of Demoralization
The State and the Coalmining Industry in Britain and America between the Wars  
J A Hassan and A Duncan
The Role of Energy Supplies During Western Europe's Golden Age, 1950-1972
Terence R Gourvish
Business Led' Organisation: British Rail, 1977-1979
Government Industry Relations in Britain's Public Sector  
Kenneth Lipartito
What have the Lawyers Done for American Business?
The Case of Baker and Botts of Houston  
David Hounshell
Ford Automates
Technology and Organization in Theory and Practice  
Jonathan Zeitlin
Americanization and its Limits
Theory and Practice in the Reconstruction of Britain's Engineering Industries, 1945-55  
Louis Galambos and Jeffrey L Sturchio
Pharmaceutical Firms and the Transition to Biotechnology
A Study in Strategic Innovation  
J K Chang
Industrial Development of Mainland China 1912-1949
Leslie Hannah
Takeover Bids in Britain before 1950
An Exercise in Business 'Pre-History'  
Robert J Irving
New Industries for Old?
Some Investment Decisions of Sir W G Armstrong-Whitworth & Co Ltd, 1900-1914  
John Singleton,
Lancashire's Last Stand
Declining Employment in the British Cotton Industry, 1950-1970  
Derek Matthews
The British Experience of Profit Sharing
Review Colloquium
Scale & Scope
Philip Scranton
Diversity in Diversity
Flexible Production and American Industrialisation, 1880-1930  
Michael Cusumano and Y Mylonadis
Stategic Manoeuvring and Mass Market Dynamics
The Triumph of VHS over Beta  
Steven W Usselman
IBM and its Imitators
Organizational Capabilities and the Emergence of the International Computer Industry  
Louis Galambos and David Milobsky
Organizing and Reorganizing the World Bank, 1946-1972
A Comparative Perspective  
Richard R John,
Elaborations, Revisions, Dissents
A D Chandler's The Visible Hand after Twenty Years  
Peter Wardley
The Emergence of Big Business
The Largest Corporate Employers of Labour in the UK, Germany, USA, c.1907  
Kees Camfferman and Stephen A Zeff
The Apotheosis of Holding Company Accounting
Unilever's Financial Reporting Innovations from the 1920s to the 1940s  
W R Braisted
China, the US Navy, and the Bethlehem Steel Company, 1909-1929
B I Kaufman
Oil and Antitrust
The Oil Cartel Case and the Cold War  
A D Chandler
The Growth of the Transnational Industrial Firm in the United States and the United Kingdom
A Comparative Analysis  
A Krammer
Technology Transfer as War Booty
The US Technical Oil Mission to Europe, 1945  
Michael French
The Emergence of US Multinational Enterprise
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, 1910-1939  
Mira Wilkins
Japanese Multinationals in the United States
Continuity and Change, 1879-1990  
G Parayil
The Green Revolution in India
A Case Study of Technological Change  
Douglas A Farnie
The Marketing Strategies of Platt Bros & Co Ltd of Oldham, 1906-1940
Frances Bostock and Geoffrey Jones
Foreign Multinationals in British Manufacturing, 1850-1962
P J Lyth and M L Dierikx
From Privilege to Popularity
The Growth of Leisure Air Travel since 1945  
Matthias Kipping
American Management Consulting Companies in Western Europe, 1920 to 1990:
Products, Reputation and Relationships  
Donald C Coleman
Gentleman and Players
James Foreman-Peck
Exit, Voice, Loyalty as Responses to Decline
The Rover Company in the Interwar Years  
Shin'ichi Yonekawa
University Graduates in Japanese Enterprises before the Second World War
Robert R Locke
Business Education in Germany
Past Systems and Current Practice  
Larry G Gerber
Corporatism in Comparative Perspective
The Impact of the First World War on American and British Labor Relations  
Harold C Livesay
Entrepreneurial Dominance in Businesses Large and Small, Past and Present
Roland Marchand
The Corporation Nobody Knew
Bruce Barton, Alfred Sloan and the Founding of General Motors 'Family'  
P Drummond-Thompson
The Rise of Entrepreneurs in Nigerian Motor Transport
A Study in Indigenous Enterprise  
Roy Church
Deconstructing Nuffield
The Evolution of Managerial Culture in the British Motor Car Industry  
M Walsh
Not Rosie the Riveter
Women's Diverse Roles in the Making of the American Long-Distance Bus Industry  
James L Baughman
Show business in the living room'
Management expectations for American television, 1947-56  
Derek Matthews
The Business Doctors
Accountants in British Management from the 19th Century to the Present Day  
John F Wilson
Ferranti and the accountant, 1896-1975
The Struggle Between Priorities and Reality  
J S Walker
Nuclear Power and the Environment
The Atomic Energy Commission and Thermal Pollution, 1965-1971  
David J Jeremy
The Enlightened Paternalist in Action
William Hesketh Lever at Port Sunlight before 1914  
Arthur F McEvoy
Working Environments
An Ecological Approach to Industrial Health and Safety  
Roland Marchand
Where lie the boundaries of the corporation?
Explorations in corporate responsibility in the 1930s  
Chibuike Uche
Accounting and Control in Barclays Bank (DCO)
The Lending to Africans Episode  
M Marinetto
The Historical Development of Business Philanthropy
Social Responsibility in the New Corporate Economy  
Geoffrey Tweedale and David J Jeremy
Compensating the Workers
Industrial Injury and Compensation in the British Asbestos Industry, 1930s-1960s  
C Warren
Toxic Purity
The Progressive Era Origins of America's Lead Paint Poisoning Epidemic  
John Smith
Turning Silk Purses into Sows' Ears
Environmental History and the Chemical Industry  
Brian R Cheffins
History and the Global Corporate Governance Revolution
The UK Perspective  
Sue Bowden
Ownership Responsibilities and Corporate Governance
The Crisis at Rolls Royce, 1968-1971  

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