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Careers Education

Careers Education
Contesting Policy and Practice

September 1999 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This book offers an insight into the structure and delivery of careers education, discusses the meaning and impact of vocational guidance, and provides a political and historical context. It is thorough and well researched, and will be of interest to those delivering, researching and participating in careers education and guidance' - Careers Guidance Today

`This book is an important contribution to a discourse in which there have been too few voices' - British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

Careers Education takes a critical look at policy and practice in the context of the new role of the privatized Careers, Education and Guidance Service. Suzy Harris places the present situation within the context of subordination to market principles; delineates the changing and uncertain relationship between schools and the Careers Service; shows how the politics of curriculum relevance marginalizes careers teaching; describes the downward path to complete exclusion from The National Curriculum and points the way for policymakers to eschew rhetoric and rebuild the Careers Service

This book will be an essential resource to help careers and guidance practitioners make sense of their situation, for students and researchers seeking to understand current policy, and inform policy- making.

`Essential for teachers doing courses in careers education and guidance' - Tony Watts, NICEC

Contested Careers

A View from the Inside
Schooling Careers Education
Becoming Relevant
Whose Role, What Role?
Reconstructing Education, Deconstructing Careers
Competing Careers?
Reconstructing Marginal Careers

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