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Case Studies in 21st Century School Administration

Case Studies in 21st Century School Administration
Addressing Challenges for Educational Leadership

January 2007 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"The cases are good for in-class use. The length of these cases makes it easy to assign them to be read during class."—Roger Shouse, The Pennsylvania State University

Understanding issues faced by today's school leaders…

Authors David L. Gray and Agnes E. Smith have written a book of cases to give prospective school leaders opportunities to resolve complex issues in K–12 school settings through reflective questions, activities, and authentic assessment tools for skill development.

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Guide to Using Case Studies
A Matrix of Case Studies
Case 1: A Teacher's Absences Create Problems: Holding Educators Accountable for Excesive Absence
Case 2: A Good Teacher Turns Bad: Stress at Home Creates Problems at School
Case 3: Experienced Teachers Need Clear Expectations, Too: Handling Conflicts with Practiced Educators
Case 4: Grandmother’s Medicine: A Medical Emergency at School
Case 5: Is Dismissal Justified? An Effective Teacher Faces a Moral Issue
Case 6: School Property Is Missing: An Employee Is Caught Stealing
Case 7: Who Has the Missing Crayons? Dealing with Chronic Theft
Case 8: A Good Student Earns Detention: Poor Grades for Misbehavior at School
Case 9: Copyright and the Computer: Regulations Governing Technology
Case 10: Too Much Parent Involvement! Organizations Need Boundaries
Case 11: Double Promotion? Parents Want Child to Skip a Grade
Case 12: A Problem with Inclusion: Inadequate Resources for Special Education
Case 13: Poor Evaluations for a Teacher: Reassigning an Ineffective Educator
Case 14: Missing Booster Club Funds: Athletic Funds are Lost
Case 15: Mentoring New Teachers: A Transition to the Classroom
Case 16: A Gift for the Principal: “Fringe” Benefits?
Case 17: Unprofessional Behavior: A Teacher Retains a Student Who Didn’t Fail
Case 18: It All Depends on the Numbers: Teacher Success Is Based on Test Scores
Case 19: All A's Are Not Enough: Rewards Must Be Earned
Case 20: The Community Won’t Understand: Diversity Becomes Unpopular
Case 21: Every Day Counts: School Attendance Is Important
Case 22: Illegal Drugs At School: Zero Tolerance Policies
Case 23: Internet Use Violations: Threats over the World Wide Web
Appendix A: ISLLC Standards
Appendix B: Annotated Suggested Readings
About the Authors

Provides a wealth of information about school leadership through very relevant and timely cases.

Dr Carmen Mombourquette
Faculty of Education, Univ of Lethbridge
March 8, 2013

Excellent realistic portrayal of school issues

Dr Sheila Moore
Educational Lead Humn Svc Dept, Florida A & M University
August 20, 2012
Key features
  • Presents thought-provoking case studies based on actual events relating to the knowledge and skills instructional leaders must demonstrate when balancing the needs of stakeholders
  • Provides a matrix in which cases are correlated to the ISLLC Standards and key issues are highlighted
  • Offers a "Guide to Using Case Studies" that helps guide students in their analysis of the types of educational problems they are most likely to face
  • Introduces students to specific challenges that will help them practice their decision-making, communication, resource management, and interpersonal relations skills

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