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Cases in Marketing Management

Cases in Marketing Management

First Edition

March 2011 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This comprehensive collection of 38 cases selected from Ivey Publishing helps students understand the complex issues that marketing professionals deal with on a regular basis. The cases were chosen to help students apply conceptual, strategic thinking to issues in marketing management, as well as provide them with more practical operational ideas and methods.

Cases in Marketing Management is edited by Kenneth E. Clow and Donald Baack, and follows the structure and goals of their SAGE textbook Marketing Management: A Customer-Oriented Approach. It can also be used as a stand-alone text, or as a supplement to any other marketing management textbook, for instructors who want to more clearly connect theory and practice to actual cases.

A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site at includes teaching notes for all the cases, along with suggested answers to the end-of-case questions.

1. The Nature of Marketing Management
Chantale and Clinton Call for Service

2. Market Analysis
GENICON: A Surgical Strike into Emerging Markets

Hyundaicard’s Marketing Strategy

TerraCycle Inc.

3. Data Warehousing
AIR MILES Canada: Rebranding the Air Miles Reward Program

Conroy’s Acura: Lifetime Customer Value and Return on Marketing

4. Building a Customer-Oriented Marketing Department
A Difficult Hiring Decision at Central Bank

Boman Communications

5. Customer Acquisition Strategies and Tactics
Ruth’s Chris: The High Stakes of International Expansion

The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC): The Evolution of a Sport

Best Buy, Inc.: Dual Branding in China

6. Pricing
Hanson Production: Pricing for Opening Day

Sy.Med Development, Inc.

Arvind Mills: Re-Evaluating Profitability

7. Advertising, Alternative and Direct Marketing
La Hacienda Del Sol

Shoppers Stop: Targeting the Young

8. Sales Promotions
SC Johnson: Planning Coupon Promotions

Phillips Food, Inc.: Introducing King Crab to the Trade

Boots: Hair Care Sales Promotion

9. Personal Selling
Global Source Healthcare: Allocating Sales Resources

Spectrum Brands, Inc.: The Sales Force Dilemma

BioMed Co. Ltd.: Designing a New Sales Compensation Plan

10. Internal Communications
Retail Execution: Linens ’N Things

GDR versus Kodak: Bart Film Scanner

11. External Communications
Walmart Puerto Rico: Promoting Development through a Public-Private Partnership

"Hips Feel Good": Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

New Balance: Developing an Integrated CSR Strategy

12. Distribution and Supply Chain Management
YvesCreations, LLC.: Alex Goes to Hollywood

Eureka Forbes, Ltd: Growing the Water Purifier Business

Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch

13. Web Site and Internet Management
Entrepreneurs at Twitter: Building a Brand, a Social Tool, or a Tech Powerhouse?

Anduro Marketing: Internet Services vs. Software Sales

Molson Canada: Social Media Marketing

14. Customer Retention and Recovery
Ten Thousand Villages of Cincinnati: The First Year and Beyond

Personal Shoppers at Sears: The Elf Initiative

15. Marketing Control
Microsoft and the Xbox 360 Ring of Death


About the Editors

"The cases are very current and deal with relevant marketing problems and issues. You cover the whole spectrum of topic areas in marketing ... I know of no other case book with such a variety of cases which are current. Well done"

Steven Lysonski
Marquette University

"The prospectus makes one hugely compelling statement for me right at the beginning: 'Commentary and analysis will accompany each case, as provided by Clow and Baack.' Now if this can actually be achieved in a meaningful way, we have something unique and valuable here."

AI Rosenbloom
Dominican University

"I think this is an exciting and very comprehensive case book - it looks very interesting. I do not find any deficiencies. I think the authors have thought the content through - and attempted to find a well-rounded and inclusive variety of cases."

Michele B. Kunz
Morehead State University

My teaching has changed and I no longer teach the module I got this for. Although this is a good book, the cases are too substantial to be used with any of my other modules.

Dr Antje Cockrill
School of Business & Economics, Swansea University
May 31, 2012

Still reviewing texts

Dr Dave Conrad
Business Admin Acct Mis Dept, Augsburg College
May 4, 2011
Key features

Key Features:

  • Presents a variety of real-world cases: Cases were chosen from around the world, from small and large corporations, and include household names such as Ruth's Chris, Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, and Kraft Foods.
  • Includes a majority of very recent cases: Many cases are from 2009 or later, and include Twitter, Walmart Puerto Rico, Best Buy, and Ultimate Fighting Championships.
  • Provides an introductory review of the topic area of each chapter prior to the set of cases: This makes the book an ideal stand-alone text for courses using a case-only approach, as well as a useful supplement to any core textbook
  • Includes questions after each case: Helping students to think critically about the material, the questions can be used to generate classroom discussion.

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