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CBT for Older People

CBT for Older People
An Introduction

January 2015 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Going beyond simple procedural modifications, this is the first book to address how the application of gerontology to CBT practice can augment CBT’s effectiveness and appropriateness with older people. Taking you step-by-step through the CBT process and supported by clinical case examples, therapeutic dialogue, points for reflection and hints and tips, the book examines:

- basic theoretical models in CBT and how to relate them to work with older people

- main behavioural interventions and their practical application

- social context and relevant theories of aging

- implications of assessment, diagnosis and treatment

- issues of anxiety, worry and depression, and more specialist applications of CBT for chronic illnesses

- latest developments, thinking and empirical evidence.

This is an invaluable companion for any clinical psychology, counselling, CBT/IAPT, and social care trainee or professional new to working with older people, especially those who are keen to understand how the application of CBT may be different.

Professor Ken Laidlaw is Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology, University of East Anglia.

Preparing to use CBT with Older People
Introduction to CBT
Practical information for Psychotherapists working with Older People
CBT for Late Life Depression
CBT for Late Life Anxiety
The application of CBT with Older People
Structure and Content of CBT with Older People
The Therapeutic Relationship in CBT with Older People
Cognitive and Behavioural Interventions
Age Appropriate CBT: Case-conceptualization with Older People
Specialist applications of CBT with Older People
Augmented Age Appropriate CBT: Enhancing Wisdom, Resilience and Self-acceptance
Chronicity and Comorbidity
CBT for People with Dementia and their Carers

This is a really easy to read yet comprehensive overview of this area with current research. It is ideal for our trainees to give an overview of this area in a concise book

Miss laura driesen
Division of Health and Social Care, Surrey University
July 11, 2015

Not suitable for Adult nursing

Miss Jacinta Kelly
Allied Hlth & Counselling (Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University
June 27, 2015

Good resource for students new to using CBT with this population

Speech and Hearing Sciences, Queen Margaret UniversityEdinburgh
June 5, 2015

very interesting book

Mrs Deborah Regan
health and social care, Havering College of FE & HE
March 10, 2015

This book will be adopted in the Master on Clinical and Health Psychology, for the classes on Psychological Consultation I and Psychological Consultation II.
The book addresses specifically the psychological intervention in old age, an area where it is expected that our students develop their professional skills. Furthermore, the way the book is structured (clearly defining the objectives of each chapter, giving practical examples - including the use of direct speech-, highlighting the most relevant information, presenting sumaries at the end of each chapter and asking questions for reflection), makes it an excellent working tool for our students.

Professor Isabel Silva
Psychology , Fernando Pessoa University
February 20, 2015

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