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Chemical Dependency Counseling

Chemical Dependency Counseling
A Practical Guide

Sixth Edition

October 2021 | 744 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Helping individuals recover from addiction is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide is the most comprehensive text written for those counselors and professionals who work with or plan to work with clients struggling with chemical dependency in a variety of settings.

Following the model of twelve-step programs, providing a ground-up introduction to guide the counselor through treatment from A to Z, and can be used as a core text for courses in addiction or substance abuse counseling. Author Robert R. Perkinson presents state-of-the-art tools necessary to deliver outstanding treatment and meet the highest standards demanded by accrediting bodies. 

This 6th edition continues to outline the best evidence-based treatment in the world, with a concentration on the following: cognitive behavioral therapy; motivational enhancement; medication assisted treatment, skills training; and 12-step facilitation. 

1. First Contact
2. First Hours of Treatment
3. Biopsychosocial Interview
4. Treatment Plan
5. Individual Treatment
6. Group Therapy
7. Drugs of Abuse
8. Recovery Skills
9. Steps
10. Lectures
11. Special Problems
12. Adolescent Treatment
13. The Family Program
14. The Clinical Staff
15. Discharge Summary and Continuing Care
16. The Good Counselor
Key features


  • Updated exercises necessary to work through all 12 steps of recovery to help counselors improve client success rates.
  • New tools, including the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence, Mental Health Screening Form III, and instructions for logging into Online Recovery Support.
  • Recommendations on how to manage a successful first year in recovery to guide counselors in ongoing treatment.
  • The latest research on chemical dependency and addiction and how findings inform healthcare policy changes and approaches to treatment.
  • New discussion on new synthetic and designer drugs.


  •  Chapters cover the gamut of treatment issues, including:
    • developing the therapeutic alliance
    • screening
    • detoxification
    • biopsychosocial assessment
    • dual-diagnosis
    • more
  • Inclusion 68 appendices, which cover:
    • screening questionnaires
    • scales
    • history assessments
    • personal recovery plans
    • in-patient and out-patient schedules
    • more
  • Case studies and step-by-step instructions with clear explanations and procedures that show what counselors need to use in all phases of patient care.
  • Content developed by leaders in the field, including treatment centers and professionals around the world.
  • State-of-the-art tools, forms and tests necessary to deliver outstanding treatment and meet the highest standards demanded by accrediting bodies.

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ISBN: 9781544362359