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Child Abuse

Child Abuse
Implications for Child Development and Psychopathology

Second Edition
  • David A. Wolfe - University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, University of Toronto, Canada

June 1999 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"Everyone knows that child abuse is morally wrong. David A. Wolfe goes beyond this to explore how and why it affects the development of children. This is the story professionals need to know to plan their helping strategy." —James Garbarino, Ph.D.Co-Director, Family Life Development Center, Cornell University

Child Abuse, Second Edition is devoted to a topic of major social and clinical significance. In this book, the author describes the different types of abuse and discusses the influence they have on development, including the emotional, cognitive, academic, and social consequences in childhood and adolescents. The book uses theory and research to convey the importance of multiple contextual influences that affect abuse and can be used to ameliorate it.

What Is Child Maltreatment?
Normal and Abnormal Child-Rearing Patterns
A Developmental Perspective of the Abused Child
Unraveling the Causes I
Theory and Background

Unraveling the Causes II
Multidimensional Influences

Prevention and Treatment Strategies

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