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Children’s experiences of classrooms

Children’s experiences of classrooms
Talking about being pupils in the classroom

First Edition

June 2017 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
If children are to succeed and progress at school, schools and teachers need to understand how children experience the classroom. What do they think? How does school make them feel?

This book brings together the author's work on children's classroom experiences in a variety of contexts. The author uses student voice to show what children think of classrooms, tasks, tests and exams, and how this impacts their experience of schooling. Can the classroom experience be transformative for children's life chances, or is it a trap? Schools and teachers need to take account of student perspectives in the primary school to make it the best experience possible.

Children’s experiences in classrooms: why they matter
Authority and authoritarianism in the classroom
Autonomy in the classroom
Teacher feedback in the classroom
Social-class in the classroom

This book presents an innovative approach to the pupil voice debate. Its efforts to bridge the gap between research and practice are also to be celebrated.  

Dr Helen Fisher
Senior Lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education, University of Roehampton

I wonder how often teachers stop to think about what children feel about their classrooms? This is just the book to stimulate that thinking and to help teachers and their pupils get the most out of their classroom environment. This powerful book really shows the impact of the classroom environment and should be part of every staffroom library as well as for student teachers - and a focus for discussion and (importantly) action.

Sarah Brew
Parents in Touch

This is an easy to read book which encourages classroom teachers to become more reflexive and notice the learning going on with their pupils. Recommended reading.

Ms Clare Higgins
Dept of Education, Bolton University
April 5, 2017

The structure of the book is helpful and it supports the reader to consider the learners experience.

Mrs Dawn Burnham
Early Years, Farnborough College of Technology
April 3, 2017

This is an excellent book that explores a number of issues relating to teaching and learning from the perspective of children. It is wide ranging in terms of its subject matter and accessible in terms of style. It is an invaluable (and sometimes eye-opening) resource for teachers everywhere.

Dr Louise Campbell
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University
February 14, 2017

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Children's Experiences of Classrooms - Chapter 1

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