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Children and Youth

Children and Youth
Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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March 1997 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
While "city life" can be exciting, its problems can be challenging for families and children, particularly when they are members of minority groups. An interdisciplinary team of researchers examines the positive and problematic circumstances that confront children and youth living in cities and identifies the best researched-based solutions for improving or enhancing those circumstances. Divided into three parts--families, schools, and health--this impressive array of scholars explore such topics as: factors that have influenced inner-city life, including migration patterns and middle-class flights from cities and ghettos; the role of coping, resources, and skills in an urban familyÆs successful management of stress; community-university partnerships that offer workable solutions to urban children and their families; the features of homes, schools, and communities that promote academic success and healthy psychological development in adverse circumstances; barriers to urban schoolingùsuch as under funding, dangerous environments, and teacher overload--and promising avenues of reform for effective schools; strategies for preventing violence and substance abuse among city youth; the use of cultural competency training for health care providers so as to overcome the geographic, language, and ethnic barriers to the urban poorÆs access to this care; and the development and implementation of the collaborative programs across disciplines to better serve city children and their families. Clearly written so as to be more accessible to researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in the fields of developmental psychology, sociology, family studies, social work, counseling, human services, and nursing this book provides readers with the best interdisciplinary information available today on the problems with growing up in a city and ways to solve them.

Herbert J Walberg, Olga Reyes and Roger P Weissberg
Introduction and Overview
Sharon Landesman Ramey and Craig T Ramey
The Role of Universities in Child Development
Geraldine K Brookins, Anne C Petersen and Lisa M Brooks
Youth and Families in the Inner City
Influencing Positive Outcomes

Patrick H Tolan and Deborah Gorman-Smith
Families and the Development of Urban Children
Sam Redding
Urban Myth
The Family in Hard Times

Margaret C Wang, Geneva D Haertel and Herbert J Walberg
Fostering Educational Resilience in Inner-City Schools
William Lowe Boyd and Roger C Shouse
The Problems and Promise of Urban Schools
Edward Seidman and Sabine E French
Normative School Transitions among Urban Adolescents
John U Ogbu
Understanding the School Performance of Urban Blacks
Some Essential Background Knowledge

Donald R Hellison and Nicholas J Cutforth
Extended Day Programs for Urban Children and Youth
From Theory to Practice

Kelli A Komro, Frank Bingchang Hu and Brian R Flay
A Public Health Perspective on Urban Adolescents
Robert L Johnson
Health Perspectives on Urban Children and Youth
Suzanne Feetham
Families and Health in the Urban Environment
Implications for Programs, Research, and Policy

Herbert J Wallberg et al
Strengthening the Families, Education, and Health of Urban Children and Youth


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