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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology
Revisiting the Classic Studies

Second Edition
Edited by:

May 2023 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Cognitive Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies critically reflects upon 15 of the most influential cognitive psychology papers ever published by researchers such as Chomsky, Loftus, Tulving, and Stroop. This book will familiarise you with the classic studies and show you how they have influenced subsequent research, right up to the present day. This second edition has been updated in light of new research and now contains comments from the living classic researchers on the chapters about their work. 

This book is ideal for those studying cognitive psychology at the undergraduate level. 

Revisiting the Classic Studies
is a series of texts that introduces readers to the studies in psychology that changed the way we think about core topics in the discipline today.  It provokes students to ask more interesting and challenging questions about the field by encouraging a deeper level of engagement both with the details of the studies themselves and with the nature of their contribution. Edited by leading scholars in their field and written by researchers at the cutting edge of these developments, the chapters in each text provide details of the original works and their theoretical and empirical impact, and then discuss the ways in which thinking and research have advanced in the years since the studies were conducted.

Michael W. Eysenck is Emeritus Professor at the University of Roehampton and Emeritus Professor and Honorary Fellow at Royal Holloway University of London. 

David Groome was Senior Academic and Head of the Psychology Department at the University of Westminster, London.

Chapter 1: An Introduction To Classic Studies In Cognitive Psychology
Chapter 2: Attention: Beyond Cherry’s (1953) Cocktail Party Problem
Chapter 3: Direct Perception: Beyond Gibson’s (1950) Direct Perception
Chapter 4: Perception: Beyond Marr’s (1982) Computational Approach To Vision
Chapter 5: Perception: Beyond Goodale and Milner’s (1992) Separate Visual Pathways
Chapter 6: Attention: Beyond Stroop’s (1935) Colour–Word Interference Phenomenon
Chapter 7: Amnesia: Beyond Scoville And Milner’s (1957) Research On HM
Chapter 8: Memory: Beyond Baddeley And Hitch’s (1974) Working Memory
Chapter 9: Memory: Beyond Tulving’s (1972) Episodic And Semantic Memory
Chapter 10: Memory: Beyond Tulving And Thomson’s (1973) Encoding Specificity Principle
Chapter 11: Memory: Beyond Loftus And Palmer’s (1974) Misinformation Effect
Chapter 12: Thinking And Problem Solving: Beyond Newell, Shaw, And Simon’s (1958) Theory Of Human Problem Solving
Chapter 13: Thinking And Decision Making: Beyond Tversky And Kahneman’s (1974) Judgement Under Uncertainty
Chapter 14: Thinking And Decision Making: Beyond Kahneman And Tversky’s (1979) Prospect Theory
Chapter 15: Language: Beyond Chomsky’s (1957) Syntactic Structures
Chapter 16: Cognitive Neuropsychology Of Language: Beyond Marshall And Newcombe’s (1973) Patterns Of Paralexia
Chapter 17: Classic Studies: General Lessons And Historical Context

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